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Come to England to find a school for your child

Among the beauties of Vietnamese showbiz, Miss Ha Kieu Anh is one of the strongest in investing in her children’s education. Ha Kieu Anh and his wife have 3 children together, 2 boys named Vuong Khoi – Vuong Khang and the youngest daughter named Vivian.

It is known that Vuong Khoi and Vuong Khang are currently studying at ISHCMC International School (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City). This is an international school that is famous for its quality of teaching, facilities and of course, the tuition fee is not cheap. According to information on the official website, the school’s tuition fee for the 2021-2022 school year ranges from 227 to 821 million VND/year. In addition, parents also have to pay the IB exam fee; annual development fee.

And the youngest Vivian used to attend preschool at Saigon Kids School. Depending on the age and class, the tuition fee also ranges from 77 – 218 million VND/year.

Miss Ha Kieu Anh again made people admire: Going to England to find a school for her children, looking at the tuition fee, it is

Ha Kieu Anh and her family.

Recently, Miss Ha Kieu Anh has shared lines on her personal page about her intention to send her children to study abroad. Miss Hau went to England to survey the school for her children. One of the schools she references is Lvs Ascot in the Berkshire area. She wrote:

“Today I went to see some schools for my children. This school is located in a small town next to London, nearby Windsor Castle is where the Queen of England often lives here. Next to the school is the horse racing area of The royal family, from time to time I see you riding horses around the area.

Surrounding the town are rows of old trees running along both sides of the road. In England, every school is like a castle, the road to poetry school is really poetic. I have always liked European culture, especially British schools are always strict in teaching their children discipline. To get into a good school, you have to pass a lot of tests. If it’s Year 10, it’s even more difficult, each school only accepts 10 students, and has its own boys and girls schools to choose from. Each sin is cold and rainy. Just looking at the picture, but my hands and feet are numb from the cold.”

Ha Kieu Anh went to visit the school for her children.

It is known that the school that Ha Kieu Anh refers to is a private school, whose tuition is not cheap. For international students, depending on the level of study, the tuition fee ranges from 4,135 – 12,540 pounds/semester, depending on half-day or part-boarding (about 123 – 375 million VND). If you pay the tuition fee 2-3 years in advance, you will be deducted 3-5% in the first year, and the fee will remain the same in the following school years.

The tuition rate includes lunch for half-day students and meals for day students. In addition, the tuition fee includes books, entrance exam fees, insurance, after-school activities,… phi-la-thay-not-dua-duoc-dau-2022040320515153.chn

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