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Skin rejuvenation step of Kim Tae Ri and Son Ye Jin

Twenty-Five Twenty-One” – Aged 25, age 21, the film not only makes viewers miss with the sweet youthful love story of the main cast, but also attracts by the personality of the female lead Na Hee Do. Kim Tae Ri undertake.

In particular, viewers were even more surprised to know that in real life, Kim Tae Ri, at the age of 32, still excelled in the role of schoolgirl Na Hee Do full of enthusiasm and passion.

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Kim Tae Ri’s beauty when she is in her 30s is no different from a female student Na Hee Do of “age 25, age 21”.

Female lead

Possessing a face with a classic beauty and an elegant aura, Kim Tae Ri still looks as young as a teenager despite being over 30.

Female lead

Even Kim Tae Ri (born in 1990) looks younger than Bona (born in 1995) – taking on the role of Ko Yu Rim.

The rejuvenation technique comes from Kim Tae Ri’s special face wash

Kim Tae Ri’s secret to maintaining smooth skin is her special face wash. Before washing her face, Kim Tae Ri will use a warm face towel to incubate the skin for about 1-3 minutes to open the pores completely.

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Then rub the cleanser into your hands and create lather, massage in a circular motion and carefully clean each skin area. This secret can stimulate the metabolism of sebum, maintaining the elasticity of the skin. In addition, the enlarged pores will help the cleanser to easily remove accumulated dirt, deep clean skin and quickly regain a smooth appearance.

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If you have thin or sensitive skin, Kim Tae Ri recommends that you only put a warm towel on your skin for about 1 minute and do it 2-3 times a week.

Even Son Ye Jin believes in the special cleaning step

Hyun Bin’s wife once shared her cleaning steps. About 2-3 times a week, she will use diluted lemon juice to clean her face. Before the cleaning step Son Ye Jin will put on the skin a warm towel for about 30 – 45 seconds and then start washing the face.

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During the heating process, to adjust the heat level and help the skin not be too tense, Son Ye Jin will also use her fingers to gently press from the forehead, cheeks to the chin, to increase stimulation and improve skin elasticity.

Female lead

The most obvious proof is the smooth and shiny skin of Son Ye Jin (40 years old) and Kim Tae Ri (32 years old). Of course, it is undeniable that beautiful and smooth skin is thanks to a lot of care steps, but right from the careless cleaning step, no matter how you take care of it, it will only work. And hot compressing the skin is the stepping stone that Kim Tae Ri and Son Ye Jin always take to ensure the skin is cleaned as carefully as possible. book-den-son-ye-jin-provided-lam-follow-20220404004138122.chn

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