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Sinful love and the death penalty

“Reverse jealousy” with a cup of milk tea with cyanide poison

In 2019, the incident that a cousin liked his brother-in-law and planned to poison his wife caused the death of NTH (29 years old, residing in Bo Xuyen ward, Thai Binh city, currently working at Thai Binh Lung Hospital) causing a stir. public opinion.

On December 30, 2019, the Investigation Agency – Police of Thai Binh city said that it had served the decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused, and take into custody Lai Thi Kieu Trang (SN 1994) residing in Kien Xuong district. , Thai Binh province to investigate the matter.

Previously, on December 3, 2019, CATP Thai Binh received news that Ms. NTH, a doctor working at Thai Binh Lung Hospital, had died unexpectedly at work. According to Ms. H’s colleagues, after Ms. H drank milk tea in the refrigerator, she went to the toilet and died here. After receiving the news, the functional forces conducted an examination of the scene, collected evidence, investigated the case and found many suspicious points around the death of Ms.

A jealous madman who poisons his cousin but causes others to die with a cup of milk tea with cyanide: Sinful love and the death penalty - Photo 1.

Lai Thi Kieu Trang (SN 1994)

After a period of investigation, the police force determined that Ms. H died from being poisoned with cyanide because the milk tea she drank contained this toxic substance. Using synchronous professional measures, the police force determined that Ms. H was “unjustly killed” by accidentally drinking a cup of milk tea that was not intended for her.

At the investigation agency, Lai Thi Kieu Trang admitted that because she had an emotional relationship with Mr. PVQ (30 years old, brother-in-law, residing in Kien Xuong district), to conceal this illicit relationship, Trang often go back and forth with her cousin’s family, even taking pictures and hanging out with them.

However, then Mr. Q suggested that Trang end the relationship. Seeing that, the subject did not agree to break up and had an intention to poison his brother-in-law’s wife, Ms. D.TY (30 years old), who is working at the Lung Hospital of Thai Binh province.

Because she often goes back and forth with her brother-in-law’s family, Trang knows that Ms. Y likes to drink milk tea. Therefore, Trang decided to poison her cousin with this drink. To carry out the intention, the subject went on social networks to order 2 bottles of sodium cyanide to take home.

On December 2, Trang bought 6 cups of milk tea and used a syringe to inject this poison into 4 cups, then the poison was gone. After that, the object using the garbage sim called someone to send all the milk tea to Thai Binh Lung Hospital for Ms. Y. However, at this time, Ms. Y was not at the hospital, so she asked a colleague to receive the goods and leave it in her room. administrative.

At around 10:00 a.m. the next day, Ms. NTH (29 years old, a colleague of Ms. Y.), took a cup of milk tea from the refrigerator to drink. After drinking for a while, Ms. H. felt uncomfortable, so she ran to the toilet and collapsed. It is known that when Ms. H. drank milk tea in the refrigerator, the mother and daughter nursing at Thai Binh Provincial Lung Hospital also drank 2 cups, but luckily escaped because the 2 cups above were not toxic.

The girl who poisoned her cousin with milk tea was sentenced to death

Before her intolerable crime caused the death of an innocent person, on July 17, the People’s Court of Thai Binh province brought Lai Thi Kieu Trang (in Kien Xuong district) to the first instance trial for murder. Previously, on June 19, the case was tried but postponed because the defendant was absent due to poor health.

The jealous madman poisoned his cousin but caused others to die with a cup of milk tea with cyanide: Sinful love and the death penalty - Photo 2.

When questioned by the court, Trang calmly confessed that she went on the Internet and discovered that cyanide was poisonous, so she wanted to buy it to commit suicide. However, because Trang had an illicit relationship with her cousin’s husband D.H.Y and saw that his brother-in-law loved and took care of his wife, he was “jealous”, hatred, and wanted to poison his cousin.

During the trial, Trang calmly confessed all her crimes. Trang said that when she heard that the person who died was not her cousin, Trang herself felt that her cousin was lucky to have survived.

At the end of the trial, when she was given the last word, Trang said: “I apologize to you and your family very much, just because of my ignorance that caused these consequences.”

The jealous madman poisoned his cousin but caused others to die with a cup of milk tea with cyanide: Sinful love and the death penalty - Photo 3.

The family of the victim of poisoning with milk tea brought a photo to the court

The representative of the Procuracy proposed the jury to pronounce a severe sentence, permanently excluding the accused from society. After the discussion, on behalf of the jury, the judge and the presiding judge of the court sentenced defendant Lai Thi Kieu Trang to death. The defendant will continue to be detained before the execution of the sentence.

Lai Thi Kieu Trang’s sentence is completely appropriate for the crimes committed by a “mad man” who is trying to take the lives of innocent people. But the days that followed were filled with pain for those who stayed. The image of Trang’s sister and biological mother crying loudly, but the mother could not walk, and two other relatives had to be escorted out of the courtroom after the trial made many people sympathize. Since the incident, the mother of the suspect Trang did not dare to go out to meet people, and Trang’s father was also skinny.

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Mothers who broke down, cried and cried at the trial

Not only the defendant’s family Trang, mAnother mother in the case, the mother of Ms. H. (victim) also wept bitterly. Since the day her daughter lost her health, her health has weakened, partly because she misses her daughter and partly because she worries about the future of her 3 grandchildren.

Witnessing the image of H.’s mother holding her daughter’s picture crying in the middle of the courtroom, everyone was saddened. Being the lucky one to escape death in the case, Ms. D.THY (Cousin of Trang) testified in court, only after Trang was arrested did she know her husband was having an affair.

The case not only left an obsession for many people but also a pain for all 3 families who lost their children, who broke up happily… chat-doc-cyanua-moi-tinh-toi-loi-va-su-tra-gia-bang-ban-an-tu-hinh-20220404152755993.chn

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