The sexiest 18+ movie actress suddenly announced her retirement

The 22-year-old actress suddenly announced her retirement and deleted all posts on social networks.

According to Ettoday, on March 28, female actors 18+ Famous Karen Kaede suddenly announced her retirement, shocking fans. The 22-year-old actress did not post any advance notice and did not reveal any “signals” that she would “retire” soon.

Not only that, the girl born in 1999 also deleted all posts and photos on Twitter and Instagram, leaving only a post announcing her retirement.

HK01 said that fans were very worried about Karen Kaede because she did not know why she wanted to retire and thought that this was a big shock to the audience.

The sexiest 18+ movie actress suddenly announced her retirement, leaving fans in shock-1
Actress Karen Kaede.

In the post announcing her retirement, 9X actress said that she is very grateful to the management company for caring and supporting her for the past 3 years. Karen Kaede added that she made this sudden decision and will close all her social media accounts to “work hard for the future”.

Karen Kaede thanked the fans for their support and always being with her for the past 3 years. However, the Gen Z actress did not elaborate on the reason for “retirement” early.

Karen Kaede impresses with her delicate face, sweet smile, slim and sexy body with measurements of 82-59-81 cm, round 1 cup D and impressive height of 1m62.

On Instagram, Karen Kaede often posts pictures of her daily life with the audience. However, now these moments have been erased by her.

The sexiest 18+ movie actress suddenly announced her retirement, leaving fans in shock-2
9X female star erases pictures on social networks.

While fans of the actress born in 1999 are still shocked by the sudden statement of the idol, netizens have found suspicious signs that Karen Kaede has been quietly planning her retirement.

Karen Kaede debuts the village entertain as a model in September 2018. In December of the same year, she joined the 18+ film industry on the 20th anniversary of the founding of Idea Pocket. At that time, Karen Kaede said that she acted in 18+ movies because she realized that this was the ideal job for her.

Thanks to her sexy appearance, after only 3 years, Karen Kaede has climbed to the position of A-list star at the company. In 2021, the 9X beauty ranked 9th in the list of the sexiest 18+ movie beauties in the industry. This proves Karen Kaede has a distinct charm.

According to HK01, as a female star supported by Idea Pocket, Karen Kaede is only behind Kana Momonogi and Minami Aizawa. The sudden retirement of the 22-year-old actress caused netizens to talk about and make countless theories.

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Hot appearance of female stars born in 1999.

Possessing a hot appearance, but Karen Kaede is still not satisfied with herself and begins plastic surgery, continuously losing weight. HK01 assessed that, since her debut, Karen Kaede’s performance has not been as stable as other colleagues. In August 2021, netizens noticed that the actress born in 1999 was increasingly thin and pale.

By December 2021, fans also discovered that the management company did not organize a movie to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Karen Kaede’s debut. For female actors in the industry, special works will be released on the day of the debut anniversary.

With female stars as the trump card, this is even more indispensable. After that, the management company said that because of Karen Kaede’s physical condition, she was not qualified to meet the filming.

However, some netizens believe that the management company has “neglected” Karen Kaede. “Looks like she’s not in good health”, “She’s been too thin lately. I feel like the company doesn’t care about her health at all”, “Hopefully she can recover her health after retiring”, “Let’s cry, girl at our peak retired”, “Please rest well, you are already very thin”,… is the netizen’s comment.

The sexiest 18+ movie actress suddenly announced her retirement, leaving fans in shock-4
Karen Kaede’s retirement announcement shocked fans.

Before posting a statement announcing her retirement, Karen Kaede also shared a sexy photo of herself on her personal page. While netizens were still talking about the photo, the 9X female star posted a statement announcing her retirement.

Some fans said that Karen Kaede has a habit of posting directly on social networks. However, this message seems to be written in a note on the phone then screenshot and posted on the computer.

This goes against Karen Kaede’s habit, causing many netizens to suspect that someone posted this article instead of Karen Kaede.

HK01 said that this is just the inference of netizens because after the above announcement, Karen Kaede has completely disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, Idea Pocket has not made any announcements yet.

According to Dan Viet

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