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Miss Hau is criticized for being less intelligent because of one action, but looking at EDUCATION is too opposite

In recent days, Truong Ho Phuong Nga’s answer in court has become a trending trend on the TikTok platform. Thousands of accounts competed to re-enact the scene of the beauty answering the lawyer, the jury.

Miss Do Thi Ha and Luong Thuy Linh are also not outside. However, the clip “swinging trend” parodying the voices of the two Hau girls received many criticisms.

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For many years in a row, he was a good student and passed the top university entrance exam

In fact, despite their controversial actions, Do Thi Ha and Luong Thuy Linh are both Hau girls who are always known as good children. In which, Do Thi Ha was commented by the high school homeroom teacher that not only did she study well, but her treatment and relationship with her classmates was also very popular. Ha is a person who often solves conflicts between friends in school, in class and has the ability to organize extracurricular activities well, so she is loved by everyone.

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During her studies, Do Thi Ha always focused and achieved high results, especially in English. Miss Vietnam 2020 used to participate in the school’s provincial team of excellent English students. In Mathematics, the final score of all 3 years of study is above 8, the university exam score is nearly 9 points.

In Do Thi Ha’s house in Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa, the small room and study corner are filled with certificates of merit, the pride of her and her family. It can be seen that, for many years in a row in high school, Do Thi Ha has won the title of good student. In addition, she also won other prestigious certificates of merit such as 3rd prize in the Provincial Science and Technology Contest for high school students, 3rd prize in district English… equal to Ha’s national high school graduation exam score of 25 points.

National Economics University, which is the top university in the country, is highly appreciated for its teaching quality. This is a national key school, a leading school in the field of economics, management and business administration schools in Vietnam. At the same time, the university is also a center for intensive economic research, consulting on macro policies for the State of Vietnam, transferring and consulting technology in management and administration.

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Every year, high school students across the country “fight” with each other to get a place at the school. As an active and inquisitive student, she once participated in the Miss Student contest organized by the university where she was studying. Not only focusing on bodybuilding and bodybuilding, Do Thi Ha also strives to learn and cultivate social knowledge, foreign languages ​​and many other soft skills.

That’s why she’s good at studying and smart, so the act of “swinging the trend” of Miss Hau makes people criticize them harshly. The lack of selective “catching the trend” can misdirect the thinking of young people when both have a large fan base. Hopefully, through this incident, Do Thi Ha will think carefully before being swept up in inappropriate content. Hormonal

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