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3 effective ways to soak old snails to release all the mud

Snails soaked with metal items such as stainless steel spoons, fresh chili peppers or rice water will release dirt and mud.

Snail preparation is the most important step when preparing this dish. If not carefully processed, not clean, snails will bring many health hazards.

Normally, people often wash snails many times, can add some ingredients to let them release all the mud and slime.

Soak with metal items

Soaking snails with spoons, metal pots is the way many people apply.

Experience This is adopted by many people, including professional snail sellers.

According to folk experience, you should use a pot made of metal materials such as aluminum, copper, iron to soak the snails, then, add a stainless steel spoon, some people add an iron knife.

After about an hour, the snail will release more mud than normal water. This method also helps to save time when preparing snails.

Many debates on social networks broke out to find the answer. There is an opinion that, because snails and metal are very “incompatible”. Snails encountering metal will be “uncomfortable” so they secrete a lot of slime and mud.

Others look for the cause from a scientific perspective. They believe that most metals have deoxidizing properties, so when you soak snails in a metal bowl, adding a spoon or knife can cause the water to lose oxygen, causing the snails to open their mouths to breathe. fall out.

Soak snails with fresh chili, lemon

This is also a quite popular way with people who are “addicted” to snails. You also bring the snails clean, put in a pot, fill with water and put in a few hot chili peppers, you can leave the whole fruit but it is best to cut it.

In addition, you can also add a few thin slices of fresh lemon or a few tablespoons of vinegar, soak for one to two hours, depending on the number of snails. They will release all the mud, after that, you can wash it again to be able to process it.

Soak with water to wash rice

3 ways to soak snails to release all the mud-1
Soaking snails with rice water is a common experience.

This is also a folk trick that many people apply. Wash snails, soak in rice water for one to two hours. Rice water will stimulate dirt in the snail, clumping in patches and lumps of mucus. After that, you just need to take out the snails, wash them again and bring them to steam, boil or stir-fry as usual.

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