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3 types of plants like to be allowed to dry for 1 month, the roots pop out of the pot, bloom 2 times more

Gardening has become a habit in everyone’s life. Planting flowers not only beautifies the home landscape, but also makes people feel happy, purifies the air, becomes a leisurely way for people to improve themselves.

But many of you like to plant flowers but don’t have time to take care of them. Today we will talk about some lazy flower pots that anyone can raise, do not need regular care, don’t water for a month and won’t die, instead will grow faster.

The flower tree lives forever

The tree of life is trees Beautifully planted to decorate balconies and gardens. Plants for multi-colored flowers should have many choices for growers. Why is it called the flower of life? Its name says it all, right? This is a small but durable tree with the meaning of luck and fortune, symbolizing longevity and longevity. The tree is widely used as a decoration and gift tree.

There are two types of living flowers: single life flowers and double life flowers. Flowers have many different colors such as pink flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, orange flowers, white flowers… Flowers are concentrated at the top of branches, small flowers but very wrong flowers. The small flowers are round in shape when in full bloom.

3 types of plants like to be allowed to dry for a month, the roots pop out of the pot, bloom 2 times more - 1

Everlasting plants can be grown indoors, but care must be taken to provide enough light for the plant. Every day, the plant should be exposed to the sun for 1-2 hours in the morning or afternoon, and should not be taken out at noon when it is still hot.

In particular, this plant has an undeveloped root system, if watered too much, the roots will easily rot. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the soil in the pot is dry before watering, when choosing the soil, also give preference to those with good drainage.

Snake flower

The snake flower is known to people as a plant native to the island kingdom of Madagascar, the flower is also known by the common name of the Crown of Thorns flower.

The tree is also known as the “Bat Fairy” cactus, the “Bat Tien” is the 8 fairies: Han Tien Co, Han Chung Li, Han Tuong Tu, Lam Thai Hoa, La Dong Tan, Cao Quoc Cuu, Thiet Quai Ly, Zhang Guo Lao. The Eight Immortals have the power to drive away and destroy evil spirits, leaving flowers in the house will bring peace, auspiciousness and luck to the family.

3 types of plants like to be allowed to dry for a month, the roots pop out of the pot, bloom 2 times more - 3

In terms of characteristics, the tree has diverse body colors from green, reddish brown to purple brown. The trunk of this cactus is 75-100 cm high, divided into many branches and also has spines and latex, the spines have a variety of shapes from single to double spines.

This cactus leaves possess many different shapes depending on the living conditions, age and position of the leaves on the plant. The leaves of this cactus have a characteristic glossy green color, a few are bright green.

The flowers of this cactus have a variety of colors such as pink, blue, red, white, purple or yellow. Their flowers usually come from the leaf axils, each leaf axils is a large and very beautiful flower cluster that lasts a long time. Each bloom can last from 2 to 6 months.

Cactus has the ability to live healthy in hot sunny conditions even with little water. This plant tolerates about 80% light. When they receive only 50% light per day, their growth slows down or even stops flowering.

The stem is thicker, can store water, so when the potting soil is dry, it can be watered directly. Watering once a month or so is no problem.

Quynh flower

Among all flowers, primrose not only attracts people by its flowering time, but it is also known as the queen of flowers, gorgeous and shining in the dark. Rhododendron blooms only once and then fades away, so it symbolizes “faithful beauty”, especially in love, it will be a symbol of a hundred years of faithful love.

In Vietnam, two popular types of Quynh are white and red, in which white Quynh is the most popular flower.

3 types of plants like to be allowed to dry for 1 month, the roots pop out of the pot, bloom 2 times more - 4

White Quynh usually blooms only once at night and blooms around June and July. After the first bloom, about 3-4 months later, the Quynh tree can flower another round. The petals of white primrose are soft and thin, when combined with yellow pistil, it will create an ethereal beauty.

It is advisable to plant rhododendrons in soil rich in organic matter and humus, and with good drainage. In particular, flowers should not be planted on garden soil because primrose plants will lack nutrients, so they will grow and develop poorly.

Quynh is a drought tolerant plant and is an easy flower to grow, but cannot tolerate waterlogging. When planting rhododendrons, it is necessary to have a roof to cover the sun, wind, dew and regularly fertilize so that the plant can grow well, flower quickly and have a long life.

In particular, it is not recommended to regularly water the flowers because they are not used to being waterlogged. Instead, plant trees in shady places, and need to change the soil for plants after each flower and around the end of October.

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