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Pack a juice that is both healthy for the lungs, treats acne, delicious, not fishy, ​​great cool from lettuce

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

The way to make a lettuce smoothie is not too complicated, combined with these fruits and vegetables both change the taste, and have a juice that nourishes the lungs, treats acne, is delicious, and wonderfully cool.

The value of lettuce

Lettuce is also known by the name fish leaf, lettuce leaf, lettuce leaf, wormwood, heart leaf, lizard tail and even known as chameleon and white lettuce. thistle.) is very familiar, it is the season of fresh lettuce, so using smoothies from this vegetable has many effects.

Lettuce is a kind that is familiar to everyone, grows widely and is easy to grow, easy to grow, easy to thrive. This plant is not only used as a vegetable, but also as a medicine. The medicinal parts of lettuce are leaves and stem. Lettuce also contains many healthy nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, etc., good for the human body.

Pack a juice that nourishes the lungs, treats acne, is delicious, non-fishy, ​​and cool from lettuce - 1

Fresh lettuce – the main ingredient for making smoothies with lettuce. Illustration.

According to modern medicine, lettuce plant also has antibiotics, so it has antibacterial effects (inhibiting staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococcal, diphtheria, e.coli…); kill parasites and fungi.

Lettuce is quite unpleasant and not easy to eat for some people because of its unique taste, but those who know how to eat it will love to eat it and is a vegetable with many health benefits.

Lettuce, according to Oriental medicine, is a vegetable with a spicy and sour taste, a fishy smell similar to that of fish, cool properties, and has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuretic, and antiseptic.

Oriental medicine uses lettuce to help treat pneumonia, abnormal lung symptoms and respiratory instability, treat infections, and strengthen the immune system. Helps the respiratory tract work better

Strengthens the immune system (helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells – essential cells that help strengthen natural immunity, keeping the body healthy). improve resistance for people of various ages.

Lettuce is used to treat arthritis, cervical sores, habitual constipation, acute bacterial dysentery, acute yellow biliary hepatitis, kidney diseases, rhinitis, otitis media with pus, pus, and loops. diseases, chronic pharyngitis, colon diseases, prostatitis, red pimples and some other diseases.

Lettuce reduces pain and swelling, reduces darkening, eliminates toxins for the body, treats diabetes, diuretic, detoxifies the body, ecpets use lettuce contains ingredients that can control ecpet virus.

In culinary, lettuce is combined with marjoram, basil, lettuce… very suitable. Side effects of lettuce are also very rare, there is no scientific evidence that eating a lot of lettuce is not good. But if used a lot every day, it is necessary to consult a doctor, a Oriental medicine doctor for appropriate advice, and should not use lettuce instead of medicine.

Fresh lettuce for smoothies

In the summer, a recipe for making a cool, refreshing fish lettuce smoothie can be combined with 1-3 other vegetables and fruits to have a delicious, easy-to-drink, naturally sweet and delicious juice such as apple, pear, pineapple, guava, cucumber, orange…

Pocketing a juice that is both lung-healthy, acne-fighting, delicious, not fishy, ​​wonderfully cool from lettuce - 2

Lettuce combined with passion fruit taste very good. Illustration.

The way to make fish lettuce juice is not too complicated, you can drink pure lettuce juice or add other ingredients to change the taste. For example, you can apply the following formula:

Lettuce treats acne

Puree 200g of lettuce with a little water. Add 500ml of water to continue grinding.

Use a sieve to extract the juice, add a little sugar to make it easier to drink.

Drink this dish regularly has the effect of treating acne, the skin is significantly improved.

Lettuce – sugar – tangerine


– 150 g of lettuce

– 300 ml of filtered water (or boiled and cooled water)

– 50-70 g sugar (depending on taste)

– 1/2 fresh mandarin or lemon with ice cubes


Preliminarily clean the lettuce, soak in diluted salt water for 15 minutes, drain.

Put in a small blender, filter through a sieve to remove the body.

Rinse the mill again. Put the lettuce juice back into the blender, add sugar and tangerine juice and grind for another 2 minutes, it will be more delicious.

Put ice cubes in a glass and then pour the lettuce smoothie into it

Tangerine juice will be more fragrant and lose the fishy smell of lettuce, so it is very drinkable

Pack a juice that is both lung-healthy, acne-fighting, delicious, not fishy, ​​and wonderfully cool from lettuce - 4

Lettuce – pineapple smoothie is very delicious. Illustration.

Lettuce smoothie – green beans

Ingredients (2 people)

– Green beans 300 gr

– Lettuce 500 gr

– Sugar 1 tbsp

– Blender, steamer set, cups, spoons, sieve…


Wash 300g green beans and then soak them in water for about 8 hours, then decant them and put them in a steamer to cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes.

Pour green beans into a blender with 200ml of filtered water, then puree until smooth, set aside.

Lettuce is preliminarily cleaned and pureed as above to get the juice.

Put in a glass 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons pureed green beans, a little lettuce juice, a few ice cubes, stir well to drink.

Finished products: Lettuce – green bean smoothie helps to eliminate the fishy smell of lettuce, medium sweetness, light fatty flesh, easy to drink and extremely nutritious.

It is also possible to combine:

Lettuce – centella asiatica – coconut: It is more delicious when it is cold, and should be drunk immediately after juicing or in 30 minutes after juicing. You can add a few grains of salt to the juice to help balance it out.

Lettuce fish melon has a sweet, cool, watery, fragrant and beautiful color.

Lettuce – pineapple, lettuce – melon, lettuce – apple – guava, lettuce – bean root – cucumber, lettuce – apple – guava – bell pepper, lettuce – passion fruit – cucumber … very easy to drink.

Choose to buy fresh lettuce

– Should choose lettuce leaves with bright green color, large leaves, not wormed or yellowed, fresh body parts, not wilted.

– Lettuce is cold, I can eat lettuce every day, but in moderation, don’t overdo it.

– Lettuce smoothie is delicious or not depending on each person’s taste when drinking smoothies with vegetables.

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