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Seeing a male customer intending to grovel the girl, the taxi driver found a way to stop it and tell him what to do

Recently, a clip recording the sharing of a male taxi driver in Binh Duong received a lot of attention on social networks. This driver spoke up to recount the story during a pick up and drop off trip and warn parents about the dangers around their children.

He said that in the nearest bus ride, returning passengers from Binh Duong to the New City, he noticed many unusual points. The customer booked the car, the place of return has the street name but no house number.

There were 2 people on the bus, 1 male and 1 female. The girl was quite young and appeared drunk and out of control. On the moving car, the male friend sitting next to him was awake but always intentionally touching his girlfriend’s sensitive places.

The male customer hugged and groped the baby in my car. I have a few reminders. The male friend expressed his displeasure with an old driver like me“, the male driver said.

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The taxi driver told about an unusual trip, the drop off point was a deserted vacant lot

At the end of the trip, the driver found it even more difficult to understand because this was an empty area, dark around, no people. He was determined not to return the guest and asked for the phone number of the girl’s parents from the other male guest. But the boy struggled, determined not to let and wanted to bring the girl home himself.

After reminding that the taxi has a camera, all violations will be sent to the police, the new young man gets annoyed, leaves the girl in the car and goes home alone. The taxi driver gave chase and took back the female friend’s phone that this male friend was holding. He called the girl’s parents and waited for them to come pick her up and pay for the ride, and provided more pictures taken in the taxi earlier.

At the end of the story, the driver did not forget to instruct: “I want to tell this story so that parents can pay more attention to their children. They should supervise wherever they go out and have proper positioning. And especially girls. You need to be really careful.”

The clip of the male driver mentioned above received thousands of likes on online forums. Most of the comments thanked the taxi driver for the gallant act.

– It’s lucky for her to have met a driver with a heart. Wish him good health, good luck in work and life.

– The driver has a lot of heart! There are times when people are afraid of getting into trouble, so they don’t mind… thanks to uncle, the little girl is out of danger. That family must thank you very much. 20220412082142378.htm

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