CEO Vu Van Tuan and his passionate journey with the training profession

Mr. Vu Van Tuan, also known as Mr. Tuan General, must be a familiar face to those who work in the field of Real Estate. Successfully started with Newskyland including 3 strong branches in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc and Binh Phuoc with hundreds of excellent employees, so far Mr. Vu Van Tuan has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Sales, Real Estate and remarkable achievements in investment and management. business. Following those successes, Mr. Tuan established Hodi Academy with many cherished ambitions for a strong future of Vietnam’s real estate industry.

Hodi Academy is a training school model with a variety of courses from basic to advanced, from beginner to advanced knowledge of the real estate field. In addition, Hodi also teaches and grants certificates to students in essential skills in business such as negotiation, brokerage, cash flow management, etc. Derived from the desire to build a real estate workforce. high quality products in the context of a rapidly developing and complex market, Mr. Tuan and his associates have cherished this model for a long time with many concerns. In August 2021, Hodi Academy was born with the mission of “contributing value to building a powerful Vietnam with knowledge and practical experience” with the vision “Becoming the No. Real Estate in 2023”.

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Anh Tuan with Hodi Academy

Mr. Tuan shared: “I myself have come up since the first young days, I understand very well what an employee needs and lacks when entering this market. That day, he always wished to have a birth system. Seek out like-minded people and understand your path to exchange, share and connect with each other, so that newcomers like you can meet reputable experts who can support you. It will bring valuable relationships and opportunities, not just knowledge.” Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Hodi Academy was born and received such early success. Up to now, Hodi Academy has successfully organized and supported more than 10,000 students with an online training class via Zoom in just 6 months. In addition, Hodi’s training programs are one of the training programs that attract the largest number of students studying at the same time with 3000 – 5000 for each program.

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Mr. Tuan – CEO of Newskyland

Following the journey of Mr. Vu Van Tuan, surely many people also know that this CEO is extremely enthusiastic about his profession and has many ambitions to develop the community and build the country. Because of that, the commitment to the field of training is not only a business story but also means a lot to him after all this time of dedication and battle in the marketplace. “I wish that every real estate professional, in addition to consulting and sales skills, also needs to have solid in-depth knowledge and thinking about the industry, the right investment to build his own career and constantly Stepping into training with the motto “Giving is happiness” and burning national spirit, I hope to be able to convey my bloody experiences to help you guys take the shortcut. first, becoming a pillar of the country’s high-quality human resources,” he said sincerely.

It is not wrong to say that Hodi Academy is like a mirror reflecting Vu Van Tuan’s image of 20 years of work and dedication to the community. Hodi’s core values ​​clearly show the development orientation and concerns of the CEO when doing training, which are: “Humanity – Focusing on human development, knowledge, thinking; Trust – Respect the word trust and strengthen trust from within; Connect – Create a playground that connects people together to create real value for the community, we believe in the training model that brings quality into knowledge and brings others Focusing on your mindset creates opportunities for everyone to grow and succeed.” Hodi’s future visions and orientations are also Mr. Tuan General expands the scale and optimizes the training quality of Hodi Academy to improve the quality of human resources in the real estate industry, creating a solid premise to build a powerful Vietnam. This is definitely a promising future not only for CEO Vu Van Tuan, with Hodi Academy but also with the development of the community and real estate in Vietnam.

Contact Info:

Hodi Academy- Real estate training

Address: Villa No. 5, Street 56, Thao Dien Villas, Thu Duc, HCMC

Binh Phuoc Branch: Road No. 1, The Gold City, Tien Thanh Ward, Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc

Phu Quoc Branch: 79A, Hoang Van Thu, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Website: Hodi.Academy

Hotline: 0889.73.8686

Email: [email protected]


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