The mother argued convincingly, the last sentence was too CHILI

With the view that “intellectual investment is a sustainable investment”, facing the choice of a public school – a private school, many parents, despite their poor economic conditions, still decide to save money and spend as much as possible. for children to grow up in an international environment. Surely you still remember the story of the whole family sleeping in the same bed, not daring to buy anything but toothpaste, tampons, and all the money they spent to go to an international school. Or before that was the controversial case: “Children study for billions, parents live in a room of 15m2 and ride a motorbike for 10 years” of a mother in Ho Chi Minh City received thousands of comments.

A mother also recently shared the reason why she decided to send her children to an international school even though it was very expensive, and the family economy was not too rich. She said: “There are many relatives and friends asking me, why it takes time and money to send their children to an international school, aren’t the children who go to normal schools are also good?” This mother answered many questions, and also gave a series of reasons for the family to make this somewhat “risky” choice:

1. Do you have to go to an international school for your child to study abroad?

Honestly, I don’t plan the child that far, and it’s important to watch the child’s aspirations, will. From the time a child is 7, 8 years old, what to eat, what to wear, what to watch, where to play, children all have their own opinions, when parents make a decision related to their child, they must negotiate with them. child. I don’t feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, I feel quite happy that my child has an opinion. Regarding going abroad, my son’s attitude is also very open but he is still uncertain. So I think this is a matter of the future.

Of course, my wife and I hope that our child can go to a new place to develop knowledge, and I am also relatively assured of his ability to live independently, but this is related to the direction of my own life. Children, if you want to make your own decisions, we respect that. In summary, sending my children to study abroad is just one of the factors I consider, but it is not the main reason, if as a percentage, I think 5% maximum.

Being sarcastically asked to send her child to an INTERNATIONAL school to look luxurious: The mother argued convincingly, the last sentence was too CHILI - Photo 1.

2. Is it because I “reject” traditional education?

Nor is it. Exam-heavy education has its downsides, I admit it. But with public schools, standard and traditional educational framework, continuing education becomes easier for students. Children have to interact a lot with the environment where they come from different family backgrounds, strict discipline, competition, and goals to strive for. Another advantage is that there are many schools, you can choose a school near your home, you can choose a class with a good teacher, and the tuition is cheap.

3. Is it because of the “face” of the parents?

Luckily, none of my friends asked me this, but I think there will be some who think so. Of course, what I do, choose, take responsibility for myself, clearly do it myself, I have never made excuses because of the objections.

In my opinion, no parent trades the life of their family, the future of their children just to have a little respect for the world. The biggest and noblest goal of parents is still the desire to give their children the most optimal environment possible.

4. So why do I send my child to an international school?

First, for your child’s confidence: As an adult, I know that confidence comes from an awareness of one’s own abilities, from accepting one’s own shortcomings. But children’s confidence needs external validation more than their own perception and affirmation.

They also want the attention of other classmates, want the recognition of the teachers, need all kinds of encouragement no matter what their ability, not just looking at students with good achievements to celebrate. . It can be difficult for a child who doesn’t know their strengths, I don’t want my child to have a rebellious puberty because of a lack of encouragement and care. Public schools have many advantages, but in return, the class is too crowded, students have to work hard to follow their classmates, the teacher’s care regime is only to a certain extent.

Being sarcastically forced to send her child to an INTERNATIONAL school to appear luxurious: The mother argued convincingly, the last sentence was too CHILI - Photo 2.

At the International School, interaction with teachers is mandatory. Students must always ask questions, the teacher will explain and always make sure that all students have to actively build their work, avoiding the traditional way of learning to read and copy. Teachers at school will always have a way of keeping the children active, no one is an outsider in the lesson.

The companionship and care of teachers is quite important for the development of children, in an international school, a class is quite small, plus they know how to encourage children to develop. strengths, I believe this is beneficial to foster self-confidence.

Second, for the health of the child: I know many parents who attach great importance to their children’s learning and accumulation of knowledge. But if I had to choose between an unintelligent child and a sick child, I would still choose the latter. At this age, I understand that health and time are the most precious, all other things are secondary.

Health is divided into two categories, one is physical health, the other is psychological health. International school health classes will pay attention to children’s safety education, such as how to save yourself in a fire, get into a car accident how to respond, in short, in a nutshell. are essential skills for children.

Being sarcastically forced to send her children to INTERNATIONAL schools to appear luxurious: The mother argued convincingly, the last sentence was too CHILI - Photo 3.

The current reality shows that many children are psychologically obsessed because of academic pressure. The international schools I know also focus on school psychology, interested in developing each individual in terms of interests and abilities.

Third, let your child broaden his horizons: Studying in an environment with many students from other countries not only helps children hone their English skills, but more importantly, from an early age, children have been exposed to many cultures. Each country will have a different culture despite certain similarities. Later, when they go to work and communicate with foreigners, they will no longer be surprised and suffer from taboos in some countries. Children will also have a lot of independent, new thoughts to learn from the people around them.

“There are actually many students who come from ordinary schools but study well and then win scholarships to study abroad and still become famous. However, the most important goal of my family is not to become a grandma or grandma. The process of experience is more important than the outcome, and the choice is up to each family’s point of view.”the mother concluded. happy

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