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The woman was cheated by the “fake” police more than 1.4 billion VND

Today (April 20), the Quang Ninh Provincial Police said that it had prosecuted the case of “using computer networks, telecommunications networks, electronic means to commit acts of appropriation of property” against the case of a person who is not authorized to do so. more than 1.4 billion dong was scammed by women.

Earlier on March 31, Ms. VTLA (SN 1999, residing in Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh) received a phone call from +00174430790150, introducing Bui Ngoc Han, an officer of the Road Traffic Administration No. 3, Da Nang City.

This person informed LA on March 15, that she rented a car with Hyundai Grand i10 BKS: 43A – 68852 to go in Da Nang.

On March 17, the car she rented caused an accident on Dien Bien Phu Street and had a fine of more than 16 million.

Ms. LA confirmed that she did not go to Da Nang City, this person told her to keep the phone to connect with the Da Nang City Police officer to be resolved. Over the phone, this person introduced Trieu Khai Duy, the rank of Captain.

Next, this fake police officer said that Ms. LA was involved in a drug trafficking and money laundering case. Da Nang police arrested 2 subjects, these two people said that Ms. case.

This subject told her to keep the information secret, the content of the conversation is being recorded for evidence in court.

In addition, Duy also asked Ms. LA to provide the following information: Full name, citizen identification number (CCCD) and then instructed her to go to Google Chrome to access the website of the Ministry of Public Security to download an application called ” security software”. After using the Ipad to download the above application, Duy read LA a sequence of numbers to access the application.

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The group of objects using fake police tricks to scam women in Quang Ninh (Artwork)

Ms. LA saw that there were blank fields of personal information including: Full name, date of birth, CCCD number, address on CCCD, phone number, bank account login name, bank account login password . Ms. LA had filled in all the information in the blank boxes, then Duy told her to download an app called “WhatsApp” to her phone to manage.

After that, Duy said that she was not allowed to leave her residence, she had to send a message on the “WhatsApp” app every 1 hour to report and monitor.

After that, this subject sent her a picture of the arrest warrant and the decision to issue a regulation on the supervision of the custody and sealing of assets for Ms. VTLA of the People’s Procuracy of Da Nang City. Due to fear, Ms. LA provided her 3 bank accounts to Duy.

After receiving the information, Duy didn’t say anything but turned off the phone. Suspected of being scammed, she called Techcombank’s switchboard to look up the amount in her account and discovered that the entire amount of more than 1.4 billion VND had been appropriated. Ms. LA went to the police station.

After receiving, the Quang Ninh Provincial Police launched a search for the subjects in the fraud line. Simultaneously prosecute the case “using computer networks, telecommunications networks, electronic means to commit acts of appropriation of property”.

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