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3 tips to help “beautiful woman” Lauriel defeat all magicians in Mobile Alliance-IT

Friday, April 15, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Lauriel has never been overrated in the early game, especially when it comes to poke.

Lauriel is a beautiful female general who is extremely loved by grandmasters because of her mobile skill set and extremely flowery gameplay. However, Lauriel is still being put out of the “chickenhouse” because without a certain level of proficiency, it will be very difficult for the masters to face opponents with a stronger skill range at the current meta stage. . Let’s learn some tips to help Lauriel have an easy early and mid game!

Confronting the traditional group of Magicians

When it comes to traditional magicians, the generals will definitely think of champions with extremely long range of skills, pokes and many control abilities. Besides, the damage of traditional Mage generals like Krixi, Veera, Ignis is no joke when it is possible to make magic disappear for weak Gunners or Assassins very quickly.

3 tips to help "beauties"  Lauriel defeated all magicians in Mobile Alliance - 1

However, the inherent weakness of these generals is that they have very short legs and run very slowly, in addition, most of the skills are directional moves, so they need time to align otherwise they just waste energy in vain. So in order to confront the generals in the traditional Mage group, the masters using Lauriel must be very calm and extremely patient waiting for level 4 to arrive. Because, despite the buff, Lauriel has never been overestimated in the early game, especially in terms of poke ability.

With a very short range and skills compared to traditional mages, the exchange of blood drunkenness only makes Lauriel lose more and lose more. Focusing on the task of pushing the lane quickly to roam, getting a steady amount of gold and experience to get the equipment and levels needed for the later stages is Lauriel’s number 1 priority. However, if there is a chance to use Pure Wings to activate the passive, the grandmasters should not hesitate to attack!

Tip: The first phase “farm draws” waiting for the middle and late game, calling for the jungler to support because the opponent lacks mobility. Focus on equipment that increases movement speed such as Kien Cuong Shoes, Phoenix Le.

Confront the group of assassin magicians

Assassin-oriented mages like Zill, Raz or Flash are almost rarely used in recent times because of their high difficulty, time-consuming to master skills as well as tips to use effectively. . Of course, when you have become a “boy 1 champ” of these generals, don’t ask about the magic that the grandmasters will encounter when confronting. They are killer champions, so it’s completely understandable to have an advantage in 1vs1 solo matches.

However, the inherent weakness of these assassin-type mages is their weak clearing skills and often have to combine hand attacks. So Lauriel has a huge advantage of pushing the lane faster than the opponent, easily moving ahead to the guard lines, gathering information as well as creating an invisible pressure and surprise, making the opponent confused and always in a passive position. Speeding up, hiding in the dust and actively poking blood, then withdrawing as soon as the opportunity arises is Lauriel’s smart style of play when facing this group.

Tip: The pressure in the game is very strong at the beginning of the game, so end the game early. Because at the end of the game, the opponent’s damage is much greater than that of Lauriel.

3 tips to help "beauties"  Lauriel defeated all magicians in Mobile Alliance - 3

Face off against the almighty group of Mages

Called omnipotent by Tulen, Liliana, and Zata all have the ability to do well what a mage needs such as large burst damage, long range, strong control, but also possess moves capable of flying like birds, infinitely virtual. So swapping moves in the early stages, Lauriel can do a good job if you guys are skilled enough to use her however that doesn’t mean anything for Liliana, Tulen’s damage ability.

Archangel focuses mainly on explosives from his passive, which will be extremely difficult when you need to clear all the minions in the lane to take advantage of this. Meanwhile, just a light combo of Liliana, Tulen is enough for Lauriel to lose half of her health and clean up a whole swarm of soldiers. Therefore, the masters using Lauriel when meeting this group of Wizards need to do their best to avoid the fight, wait for the opponent’s loophole, and work hard to roam with the jungler is the best method.

Tip: Push minions to hold turrets, work hard to roam to eat big goals, coordinate with junglers. Grandmasters should combine more magic lifesteal gems to maximize recovery when exchanging skills right at level 2.

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