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Before he died, Zhou Yu warned Sun Quan to kill this person

In the Three Kingdoms, there are countless heroes and magnanimous heroes appearing in this period. The three strongest corporations in the Three Kingdoms, Cao Wei, Thuc Han and Dong Ngo, all possessed rare talents and heroes in the world at that time.

During this turbulent period, Zhou Du was seen as the mainstay of Dong Wu, especially after Sun Ce died and Sun Quan was still young.

Chu Du is a rare talent in the Three Kingdoms

Chu Du, also known as Cong Can, at the time called Chu Lang, was a famous general and founder of the state of Dong Ngo during the Three Kingdoms period. During his life, Chu Du is famous for his victory at the Battle of Xich Bich against Cao’s army in 208. This was a great battle that interrupted Cao Cao’s dream of unifying the world and was a turning point when it helped to divide the world. determine the situation of the Three Kingdoms.

According to Tam Quoc Chi, Chu Du came from a prestigious family in Thu district, Lu Giang district (now Thu Thanh, Anhui province, China). Zhou Yu is described as tall, robust, and handsome. He is a man of martial arts and martial arts, a rare talent in the Three Kingdoms. In addition to martial arts talent, Chu Du is also very knowledgeable about music. Even though he was drunk, if the music hit a wrong note, Chu Du would still know it.

Before he died, Zhou Du warned to kill this person: Sun Quan only understood 11 years later - Photo 1.

Chu Du is a martial arts writer, outstanding talent in the Three Kingdoms. Photo: Sohu

Although he made great achievements at the battle of Xich Bich to help the Ton – Luu alliance win against Cao Cao, in 210, Chu Du fell ill again on the way back to Giang Lang.

Knowing that he would not survive, Zhou Du carefully wrote a letter to Sun Quan. In this letter, Chu Du reminded Ton Quyen that he should eliminate this person to prevent disaster for Dong Ngo in the future. In the letter sent to Ton Quyen, Chu Du emphasized that: “Luu Bei has not been destroyed, Dong Ngo is in danger”.

Chu Du said that, now that Cao Cao is in the North, the land is not yet peaceful, Liu Bei’s dependence on this is like raising a tiger. Meanwhile, things in the world still don’t know what the outcome will be, so it is necessary to eliminate Liu Bei as soon as possible to prevent future catastrophes.

Why did Chu Du say that?

Before he died, Zhou Du warned to kill this person: Sun Quan 11 years later understood - Photo 2.

Before his death, Chu Du had carefully warned Sun Quan, so he soon destroyed Liu Bei. Photo: Sohu

Firstly, Chu Du analyzed the situation at that time to Sun Quan, that Cao Cao was the strongest force in the North, but it was not completely stable. Therefore, even when Cao Cao led his army to attack, Dong Ngo was not afraid because he could immediately respond. Second, Liu Bei is taking refuge in a place just a river away from Jiangdong. The distance is too close, like Dong Ngo is raising a big tiger next to him, too dangerous.

Zhou Du’s concerns are not unreasonable. Because Cao Cao was then the enemy in the light, while Liu Bei was in the dark, a hidden enemy like a tiger hiding, making it difficult for others to defend. That’s why, Chu Du advised Sun Quan to focus on defense and destroy Liu Bei, otherwise in the future, he might face disaster.

Whether in the political history or in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Chu Du realizes that Luu Bei is the real enemy of Dong Ngo. However, Ton Quyen did not fully understand this concern. The monarch of Dong Ngo still concentrated on allied with Liu Bei to oppose Cao Cao.

Before he died, Zhou Du warned to kill this person: Sun Quan 11 years later understood - Photo 3.

According to Chu Du, Liu Bei is a “tiger” lurking in the dark, possibly threatening the safety of Dong Ngo. Photo: Sohu

Luu Bei’s power had many changes, constantly growing, especially after winning at the battle of Han Trung, establishing the Shu Han Dynasty. After Chu Du died, Sun Quan did not heed this famous general’s warning. So, 11 years later, Dong Ngo once fell into a critical situation when facing a general attack from the side of Shu Han, led by Luu Bei.

The war between Shu Han and Dong Wu occurred after the dispute over the Kinh Chau issue became increasingly tense, culminating in the death of Guan Yu.

During this Eastern expedition, Liu Bei mobilized almost all of the Shu troops and left only a portion of his force in Hanzhong to guard against Cao Wei.

During the first time participating in the war, Luu Bei’s great army was powerful, many times gained overwhelming superiority against Dong Ngo’s army, even causing Dong Ngo’s soldiers to lose morale, seemingly losing.

In order to escape the dangerous situation, although at that time, Ton Quyen sent a messenger to confess to Cao Phi, but Cao Phi stood outside to watch the tug-of-war between the two sides Ngo – Thuc. From that, it can be seen how much pressure Luu Bei’s army at that time put on Dong Ngo.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for Luc Ton leading the army, using fire to burn down Liu Bei’s army camp, causing the Shu army to be defeated, I am afraid that Dong Ngo would hardly be able to turn danger into security.

When he was alive, Chu Du was the one who knew best about Liu Bei, so he repeatedly reminded Ton Quyen to always pay attention to the monarch of Shu Han. Even before his death, what he warned Ton Quyen was not to ‘feed a tiger’, not to wait for Liu Bei to get stronger, but to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The discussion of Dong Ngo is an example. Although Dong Ngo did not perish at the hands of Luu Be, this shows that Chu Du’s old warning before his death was completely valid. Unfortunately, Sun Quan did not listen to Chu Du’s words. In the war with Shu Han, although Dong Ngo won, he also suffered a lot of losses.

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