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Lighting design tips for wardrobes, dressing rooms

1. Use LEDs

Installing lights in the wardrobe is now a new and very popular trend. With many different types of LED wardrobe lights, your small space will become much more modern and convenient. Light up the storage shelves by installing LED lights vertically in the corner of the cabinet. This approach brings sophistication, practicality and helps save energy. Several rows of LEDs are enough to illuminate all shelves without the need for individual bulbs.

2. Light up the hanging rod

There’s no denying the versatility and efficiency of LEDs. For example, in this case, it was cleverly installed hidden in the hanging bars. When you open the wardrobe, you will immediately feel the aesthetics as well as the utility of them.

3. Large format mirror

Although it doesn’t really create a dressing room light, it is a very useful accessory. A large-sized wall mirror will help disperse light from lighting devices, making a small space much brighter.

4. Sensor light system

The wardrobe is not used much, but it is very inconvenient if you have to turn it on and off every time you use it. Door open and close sensor switches will illuminate each area you need. For example, with a large two-door cabinet, you can open the right cabinet door and half of it will be lit, the left side will not light, or you can open any cabinet door and the light will be on.

Another type of wardrobe sensor switch is the touch switch type. You just need to touch it lightly to switch from light to off mode or vice versa. This is a compact switch, installed directly in the wardrobe area, so it is very convenient.

5. Luxury chandeliers

To install the chandelier as the main light source requires a fairly large space. This interior model will contribute to adorn your dressing room as luxurious and attractive as the main rooms in the house.

6. Installing track lights

If the dressing room is located in the attic, you can use a track light (a spotlight that attaches to the rails for the ability to rotate in many directions). You can create a variety of visual effects by adjusting the light angles to highlight the space.

7. Use accent lights

Instead of lighting from behind, install Accent lighting in front of the shelf for a soft and warm effect. This is the kind of intense, focused light, like bringing the viewer’s attention to your beautiful shelf.

8. Open tall windows for dressing room

It will be ideal if you can take advantage of natural light sources besides the support of industrial lights. However, changing rooms often rarely have large windows to catch the sun. If arranged on a high floor or attic, it will be great to implement this idea.

9. Install oversized lamp model

The “oversized” lighting fixtures are often used to bring a really attractive look to the space. The small dressing room will become more attractive thanks to the presence of models design Beautiful and impressive interior decoration like this one.

10. Lights for tight spaces

With a long and narrow space requires ingenuity when choosing lights. For example, massive wardrobes placed parallel to each other in this area will need LED rail lights. They allow you to change the lighting layout dynamically.

11. Combination of lamp patterns

This idea is suitable for areas with high ceilings. Not only lighting, each lamp model will be suitable for each type of wardrobe, storage shelf of different sizes. The combination of many designs such as: ceiling lights, chandeliers, rail lights … will create an eye-catching style for your room.

12. Use dimmer

If your storage room receives light during the day, the lights need to be used that can be dimmed to match the day and night. Dimmer is the name of the device used to adjust the light and fan speed. Using a dimmer will help us be more proactive in changing the light intensity for our wardrobe.

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