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Shanghai continues to report deaths from Covid-19

According to the news agency Bloomberg, The patients who died were between the ages of 60 and 101, all with severe underlying disease.

Also on the morning of April 19, Shanghai reported 20,416 new infections, the number is still high but has decreased compared to the recent peak. More than 25 million Shanghai residents have been under lockdown for weeks with difficulties sourcing fresh food, necessities and healthcare.

Shanghai continues to report deaths from Covid-19 - Photo 1.

Covid-19 patients in a makeshift hospital in Shanghai. Photo: EPA-EFE

While most countries in the world are choosing to live with Covid-19, China is still pursuing a “No Covid-19” (Zero-Covid) strategy despite concerns about socio-economic damage. festival.

Shanghai has only just begun to loosen up on the industry sector after the announcement on April 16, which required auto, semiconductor and biomedical companies to submit detailed plans on Covid-19 prevention and control. -19 when resuming production based on general guidance issued on the same day, according to Global Times.

Bloomberg Shanghai’s reporting of the first deaths began just over a month after the outbreak, and as there was growing debate about the official death toll, said Shanghai. The reported number is significantly lower than in countries with higher vaccination rates than China.

On April 18, Ma Xiaowei, head of China’s National Health Commission, said that if control measures are relaxed, there will be a large number of cases in people with underlying diseases, the elderly and children. , thereby seriously affecting the stable development of the economy and society. Therefore, China is still determined to pursue tough measures.

According to the AP, China’s total vaccination rate is about 90%, but the rate among the elderly is low. Only 62% of Shanghai’s residents over 60 have received the vaccine, according to the latest public figures. Some experts say that China must raise the vaccination rate in the elderly before it can consider living safely with Covid-19.

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