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The unexpected ending with a young Thanh Hoa boy who was criticized by his first love for being “short” by his first love

April 19, 2022 11:50 AM (GMT+7)

Doctor, Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of Kidney Surgery, Urology and Andrology (E Central Hospital) said that sex is a very sensitive issue for both men and women, sometimes it even determines happiness. happiness of the whole family. Therefore, even when you have a problem with this problem, you need to quickly find a specialist or doctor for advice and handling.

According to Doctor Lien, many people at first sex had problems, then lost confidence, even “afraid” of women, did not dare to love or get married.

Some time ago, Doctor Lien received a young man nearly 30 years old, who came to the department with the only wish to ask the doctor to increase the size of his “small penis”. short girlfriend.

Specifically, from the age of 20, this young man fell in love with a girl of the same age and was also his first love. After a while, the two had sex and it was also the young man’s first time.

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Young people were criticized for having a short penis, then they did not dare to love anyone. Illustration.

Right at that first time, the girl was disappointed and bluntly criticized the “little boy” of her short boyfriend, not making her orgasm. After that criticism, both “go their separate ways”. Since then, the young man is very self-deprecating and does not dare to love anyone. Now, when his family urged him to get married, this young man decided to go to the hospital with the desire to increase the size of his “little boy” to find the other half of his life.

After listening to the confession, the doctors directly examined and found that this young man’s penis was not shorter than the average Vietnamese man. The doctor explained to the patient that such a size does not affect the ability to have sex.

However, due to being criticized, the young man showed his determination to correct “your penis”. After discussing, the doctors of the department of andrology combined with the doctor of plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery to pump autologous fat for the penis of the young man. The results of the sensitive part size of young men were improved in both circumference, diameter and length. Since then, he has become more confident and now has a girlfriend, preparing to get married.

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Doctor Lien said that women need to be sensitive in the case of a problem with their partner’s penis.

From the above case, Doctor Lien believes that penis size is not so important to orgasm, but sexual acts when having sex bring pleasure. Therefore, when facing a partner, whether it is a woman or a man, there should be no eyes, gestures or language that cause self-esteem and inferiority for the other party.

Even if a man’s penis has a real problem, his partner should also delicately discuss, find a solution together, and go to the doctor for specific advice. In sex, sharing and accompanying each other is very important for both to sublimate.

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