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Vietnamese quiz: “What cake is so cold”

In round 1, episode 35, season 2 of the show Fast like lightningMC Truong Giang raised a quiz question with the following content:

“What cake is so cold?”

This short puzzle immediately makes the player – runner-up, supermodel Mau Thuy freeze, can’t think of the answer and answer is “Banh Da”. The other contestants were also helpless, not understanding what the cake the show wanted to talk about. Even when MC Truong Giang announced the answer, the candidate was still bewildered and did not understand. In fact, this question is not only a word puzzle but also a knowledge quiz, requiring players to understand the regional culinary culture to answer correctly.

  Vietnamese quiz: What cake is so cold - The answer is extremely difficult, even SMART people can't figure it out all day!  - Photo 1.

Accordingly, the type of cake mentioned here is COOKING CAKE. Regarding the word puzzle, “cold”, the adjective means “stiff from the cold”. For example, we often say: “It’s so cold, my hands are freezing”. As for cuisine, “banh cong”, or “banh cong” is one of the famous dishes and originated from the Southern Khmer people of Soc Trang province.

But there are many people who believe that Banh Cong originated from China because some Trieu Chau people migrated to and passed it on to the Khmer people with the name Banh San or Banh Say. In the process of cultural exchange, the characteristics of cakes have slightly changed.

The main ingredients for making Cong cake are flour, green beans and shrimp. The cake flour consists of 3 parts of rice, 1 part of glutinous rice, soaked and then finely ground. After grinding the rice and glutinous rice, people add ⅓ of good quality flour and then add water, chopped scallions or coriander and spices such as sugar, a small amount of salt,… Especially the cake flour mixture. The drain is not as liquid as the pancake batter.

Soc Trang’s congee cake in the right way will have a slightly dark yellow color, a strong aroma and extremely attractive. The cake is not too big, on the top of the cake, there is a shrimp curled up. right-gong-chang-ra-20220419173550558.chn

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