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Drunk father comes home, his daughter has an action that makes him cry-Young man

Friday, April 22, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

The action of the daughter made not only the father cry, but the mother was also very touched.

There is a saying that “daughter is the lover of a father’s previous life” is indeed true, the feelings of most daughters for their father are always deeper than those of their mothers. Daughters are often emotional people, know how to love and care for their parents more. That is also the reason many couples wish to have a daughter to cherish and pamper.

Recently, a mother in China shared a family photo that made netizens admire. According to her share, that day her husband got drunk after drinking with friends, unexpectedly, when her daughter saw it, she quickly ran to get a bowl of warm water, twisted her sleeve, and then squatted to wash her father’s feet. Seeing his daughter’s actions like that, the father could not hold back his tears.

Drunk father comes home, his daughter makes him cry - 1

Seeing her father drunk, the daughter immediately brought warm water to wash her father’s feet.

The mother added that normally, fathers are very pampered and loved by their daughters. Like other parents, he wants nothing more than to see his daughter grow up healthy every day.

Drunk father comes home, his daughter makes him cry - 3

The father was moved to hug his face and cry at this action of his daughter.

He thought that his daughter was still young and did not know anything. However, the girl understood that her father’s job was very hard. Especially in drunken times like this, he knows that drunk people are very uncomfortable, so he quickly brings warm water to his father to soak his feet.

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The little girl took the initiative to wash her father’s feet, this action brought the father to tears and the mother was also very touched.

The mother hopes that, when her daughter grows up, she can forever remember the memory of today. Although the daughter is still young, she already knows how to show her love to her parents, which is precious.

Seeing such a scene, many people were surprised.

“Having a daughter like this is not a waste of time to raise.

– She will surely be very filial to her parents in the future.

Netizens acknowledge that, it is not necessary to try to give birth to a son, just having a filial daughter who knows how to love her parents like this is enough to be happy.

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