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Save Russia to lose a goal?

4 siege fronts Russia

According to the People’s Daily (China), the military responses that Russia is making now stem from the complicated historical background and many real factors, including the prolonged geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the West. and the extreme pressure that the US and Western countries have exerted on Russia since 2014 is a key cause.

The first is security pressure. The US-led NATO alliance has pursued five waves of eastward expansion since the 1990s and sees Russia as an “imaginary” rival, making Moscow feel insecure about its own security.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once hoped to build good relations with the West when he first came to power, as evidenced by his support of US and NATO counter-terrorism actions in Afghanistan earlier this century. join the G7 (to become G8), as well as show goodwill to join the NATO alliance itself.

Despite those gestures, the US and the West have shown distrust and respect for Russia, narrowing its strategic space. If the neighboring country follows in the footsteps of the three Baltic states and joins NATO, Russia will lose an important buffer against NATO aggression on its borders.

The second is economic pressure. The United States and its allies around the world have imposed hundreds of rounds of economic sanctions on Russia, focusing on various areas since 2014 related to the Crimea crisis, causing setbacks in relations with Russia. relationship between the two parties.

These expanded sanctions have resulted in a reduction in the volume of trade between Russia and Western countries, as well as further restrictions on foreign investment, and caused an economic downturn, which directly affected the livelihoods of Russia. Russian people.

The situation has worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which has accelerated the country’s economic downturn and social rift.

Third is political pressure. The US and the West support opposition parties in Russia and openly oppose President Putin’s policies. As Russia implemented some countermeasures of its own, the confrontation between the two sides began to escalate.

There are also ongoing diplomatic frictions between Russia and Western countries. Both the US and Russia refused to send ambassadors for a long time, deepening the geopolitical divide.

Fourth is public pressure. By exploiting their absolute advantage in the international media, the United States and Western countries have continued to tarnish the image of Russia and its leaders in the international community.

In addition, the US accused Russia of meddling in the presidential election and criticized Russia’s cyberattacks against the West.

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine that Russia first launched, Western countries have disseminated information about deaths caused by Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine, increasing dissatisfaction among the people. both sides.

Statistics published by Russia Today show that 96% of US information about Russia in 2020 is negative.

Surrounded on 4 fronts, President Putin made a timely decision: Save Russia and lose a goal?  - Photo 2.

Struggling to free

Driven by the West, Russia has little room for compromise and increased countermeasures.

Marked by a new national security strategy approved in July 2021, Russia adjusted its strategies and decided to seek a national renaissance even through the use of military force. .

From the Russian point of view, the basic features of the current political and military situation of the world are related to the formation of global and regional centers of power, including increased competition in the region. affected areas.

Russia believes in the growing importance of military force as a way to fulfill each country’s geopolitical goals. This shows that Russia, which cannot restore its economic status in the short term, has chosen to return to the traditional method.

After that decision, Russia began to show its true intentions to the US and the countries in the NATO alliance.

In December 2021, Russia put together a list of security guarantees, defined its red lines in the geopolitical arena and began joint exercises in places like Belarus.

These actions show Russia’s unwavering determination to defend its own strategic interests and hope that the US and other Western countries will consider paying attention.

In it, Russia asked NATO to stop expanding eastward and deploying offensive weapons in neighboring countries. Russia has repeatedly expressed that it is ready to reach binding agreements with the US, but has not received a positive response.

Against this backdrop, and by deploying military forces as well as enhancing its nuclear deterrent, Russia wants to let the international community know that NATO and its unrestricted expansion have made Russia more secure. Russia is in danger, and so Russia is prepared to take resolute countermeasures, the People’s Daily concluded.

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