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The US sent electronic warfare fighters to Germany

The United States deployed six EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft to Germany to improve deterrence and defense on NATO’s eastern flank.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on March 28 said that 6 electronic warfare aircraft EA-18G Growler and 240 soldiers on the Navy payroll. America be sent to virtue will “not be against Russian forces in Ukraine”. “They are deployed in line with our efforts to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities along the alliance’s eastern flank,” he said.

The group of electronic warfare fighters EA-18G is expected to arrive at the Spangdahlem military airport in Germany after leaving the naval air base in Washington state, USA.

Two US EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft approach a British refueling plane near Neliis Air Force Base, Nevada on February 3.  Photo: USAF.

Two US EA-18G fighters train near Neliis base, Nevada, on February 3. Photo: USAF.

The move took place during the fighting between Russia and Ukraine shows no signs of cooling down. In the budget proposal announced on March 28, the White House plans to spend $ 6.9 billion to help Ukraine deal with Russian forces, as well as to support NATO members.

US increases aid to Ukraine after the outbreak of hostilities, including security assistance and humanitarian aid. President Volodymyr Zelensky urged NATO members to send more weapons to Ukraine, including advanced fighters, missile defense systems, tanks, armor and anti-ship missiles.

However, the US has ruled out transferring aircraft or other major weapons systems to Ukraine. President Joe Biden said he didn’t want to cross the line and start World War III, pitting Russia against NATO.

NATO recently deployed additional forces to the alliance’s eastern flank during the ongoing hostilities between Russia and Ukraine. NATO members on March 20 began transferring Patriot anti-aircraft missiles to Slovakia, a neighboring country of Ukraine, to bolster their defense capabilities.

The EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft is developed from the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter platform, equipped with many modern sensors and jamming combinations to help detect and neutralize the enemy. enemy air defense system.

The size of the military force on the eastern flank of NATO.  Click on the picture to see details.

The size of the military force on the eastern flank of NATO. Click on the picture to see details.

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