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Every entrepreneur can become a book author

Talk session Entrepreneurs and books takes place in the chain of response activities Book and Reading Culture Day Vietnam for the first time at Ho Chi Minh City Book Street. The program has the participation of guest speakers including businessman Nguyen Phi Van, businessman Tran Xuan Hai and Dr. Quach Tuan Khanh. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saigon Books holds the role of chairing the discussion.

The event focuses on book topics and business engagement. Through sharing knowledge and experiences from them about life stories, thereby supporting young people to identify passion and direction.

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The speakers attended the seminar “Entrepreneur and books”.

The goal of the seminar is to build and form a reading culture not only with business people but also spread to everyone in order to improve thinking, knowledge and skills to meet needs and optimize efficiency. results in work and life

Reading needs to go hand in hand with onions

In the context of digital transformation of the publishing industry, the role of reading is promoted. However, how to read effectively and appropriately is a common question of many people. This was discussed by the speakers at the seminar.

They agree that each person has a different way of reading books. Some people like to read slowly, others like to read quickly and find key content to memorize. Dr. Quach Tuan Khanh affirmed that it is necessary to define clear goals before approaching and reading a book. This also means that each person needs to focus on the goal and the effect achieved, instead of focusing on reading a lot of books.

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How to read books effectively and apply books to life are two issues of concern.

“Many young people today tend to run after reading a lot of books. This also has a good point, but on the other hand, it is easy for them to get used to the “culture of gossip”. In some cases, just reading the title of the book, reading through the introduction or review, I can confidently understand the book, in my opinion this should not be because it is necessary to choose the right book and inspire reading with me. Dr. Khanh expressed.

Meanwhile, businessman Nguyen Phi Van believes that books are the best guides. She has a habit before going to a new land to find a book about that place to read. This helps readers better understand culture, life, worldview. From this reading can be applied by topic, flexibly changing according to each situation.

Entrepreneur Tran Xuan Hai said he reads books to find his own mistakes. The subjective and erroneous views are removed by him to gradually form better habits and thoughts.

Many readers, especially young people, expressed concern about the application of books to life. This is an open issue, each person will have different views and applications. The most basic thing is to read books to become a better version of yourself, to manage your life and thereby spread positive energy to everyone around.

In the 4.0 era, the process of learning and acquiring knowledge is always easy and convenient. On the basis of both traditional and electronic books, each reader can completely choose their own favorite books, saving time. However, an important factor is emphasized that “Reading must go hand in hand”.

According to the speakers, this has been built since sitting on the school chair with the motto “Learning goes hand in hand with practice”. Therefore, reading books should also be applied similarly to achieve the highest efficiency. The contents and knowledge from the book need to be absorbed, accumulated and applied in daily life.

Every entrepreneur can become a book author

The speakers emphasized that entrepreneurs, in addition to doing business, have the responsibility to share and spread market experiences and ethical values ​​in business through book. To do that, they need to actively read, actively write books and spread their love of books to employees, companies, partners and friends.

Every business owner, company also needs to build a reading habit for employees. Because, reading to not only make profits, but reading to create spiritual values ​​Thereby, forming a cultural background and making positive contributions to work and society. These things are not taught in school, so it takes time to experience, but books are the most effective means.

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The talk attracted a large number of attendees during the weekend.

Dr. Quach Tuan Khanh said that the formula to define a successful businessman must first be happy with their life and work. In addition, the trend in the world today, a person who wants to become a good leader must first awaken himself. They must know how to live, work and contribute value to life.

Entrepreneurs are human, before thinking about high things, learning how to live is the most basic thing. Reading books to prepare each person mentally. There are times when there are crises and challenges, books are also considered as buoys for each person to save themselves.

Dr. Khanh encourages entrepreneurs from their experiences to actively write books. With the help of a team of book-writing consultants, author consultants or “ghost writers” (who are hired to write – PV) help characters know how to exploit, retell their stories and become authors. On the other hand, owning a book also helps entrepreneurs build corporate culture, communication for individuals and companies.

At the end of the discussion, the delegates summarized that each person will have a different path and mission in life. Therefore, the knowledge that is read, heard or absorbed is only for reference value. It is important that each individual knows to find out for himself what is right for him and should not be pressured or bewildered by the successes of others.

Tuan Chieu

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Efforts should be made to build a reading culture for young people in VietnamInspiring and maintaining reading habits among young people, thereby contributing to improving reading culture in Vietnam was discussed enthusiastically in the seminar “Books and youth”.
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