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Stock market – “Real gold is not afraid of fire”

Foreign investors strongly gathered stocks

Notably, right on the front page Vanguard and Youth released on Friday (April 22) all emphasize a common message about “Purification”. stock market“. Newspaper Tien Phong I think that, even though the stock has decreased, foreign investors still bought strongly.

Specifically, after only 5 consecutive sessions of the week, foreign investors poured more than 1,700 billion dong into the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. This shows one thing, the strict investigation and handling of violations in the stock market will increase investors’ confidence in the market, foreign investors are aiming for the prospect of upgrading securities. Vietnamese securities from the frontier market to the emerging market, newspaper Vanguard analysis.

Purify the stock market

As noted by the newspaper Youth, the market during the week witnessed not only speculative stocks being sold strongly, many stocks of businesses with good foundations were also affected, continuously plunging as investors rushed to sell to exit. However, according to the newspaper, the recent sanction is a positive factor for the market in the long term.

Stock market -

The market this week witnessed not only speculative stocks being sold strongly, many stocks of enterprises with good foundations were also affected, continuously plunging. (Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

Recent violations have had a few cases, but this week, the Ministry of Public Security prosecuted and detained Mr. Do Thanh Nhan, Chairman of Louis Holdings Joint Stock Company and a number of individuals for manipulating securities prices. .

Sheet Youth According to the Investigation Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security, from January 4 to October 6, 2021, accused Do Thanh Nhan colluded with Do Duc Nam, General Director of Tri Securities Joint Stock Company. Viet and other subjects used multiple trading accounts to buy and sell, entice others to buy and sell securities to manipulate the stock prices of some illegal codes, earning hundreds of billions of illegal profits. copper.

The stock market is considered the barometer of the economy. Obviously, if you look at the positive signs of GDP in the first quarter, increasing by 5% over the same period, realized FDI reaching the highest level compared to the same quarter of the same period usually shows that the market must have a positive reaction, instead of a decrease. continuous floor.

According to the analysis of the electronic newspaper Cafethe stock market is currently in a state of lack of direction, transactions do not reflect the story of businesses but come from unstable information from the market.

Stock market – “Real gold is not afraid of fire”

Same opinion, electronic newspaper VOV said that from the end of March until now, investor sentiment as well as market movements have had certain instability after leaders of some companies were arrested for investigation for stock manipulation. However, “real gold is not afraid of fire”, this is a necessary step to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the stock market in the long term.

Before that, there used to be many abnormal galloping price increases in a row that gradually became “normal”, leading to a class of investors speculating on stocks with their eyes closed despite the fact that businesses did not do well.

Stock market: Eyes see heartache

According to comments in the newspaper TrafficNow the market has learned its lesson. It will be a painful but necessary cleansing for the market to return to its correct trajectory and nature.

Last week, browsing through investment forums, or on social networks, there were many worries about the market. Only from the 1,525 point mark of the VN-Index on April 4, the first of the month, to April 21, the index lost nearly 160 points, or more than 10% of its value.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed the messages on capital market development

In such a market context, on April 22, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired a conference on “Developing a safe, transparent, efficient and sustainable capital market in order to stabilize the macro-economy.” ensure great balances of the economy”.

At the event, the message of the Government and the Prime Minister was emphasized, which is to clean and healthy the market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the investor community, businesses, people, put the market on a fast, efficient, and sustainable development trajectory, recorded on Government newspaper electronic.

The organization of a large conference, emphasizing the message of cleaning and strengthening the capital market by the head of the Government really sent a very optimistic signal to the market. The Prime Minister said that the recent cases related to the issuance of bonds and the stock market are just “worms that upset the soup”.

Prime Minister: Why do businesses lose money but the stock price “increases by times”?

According to electronic newspaper Youth Quoting the Prime Minister, if we do not act aggressively, “the worm makes the soup pot” will affect the medium and long-term capital mobilization, the bond and stock markets, the policy of capital market development. , to the confidence of domestic and foreign investors and affects the economy. We have to think and act about it.

A number of guiding viewpoints have been raised by the Prime Minister and the most specific tasks have also been assigned to the Ministry of Finance and related agencies, mainly focusing on the bond and securities market.

VU electronic newspaperietnamnet The Prime Minister requested a review of mechanisms and policies, proposed the competent authorities to amend the legal corridor to improve the standards and conditions for the issuance of corporate bonds, contributing to a healthy and transparent business. marketization.

For the stock market, the Ministry of Finance urgently reviews and amends current inadequate regulations, especially related to regulations on transparency of corporate information, rights and responsibilities of management entities, participate in the market.

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