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Dowry custom leads to tragic deaths in India

Harassment or blackmail to claim dowry is a criminal act. However, this custom still exists, especially in rural areas, with the view that women are an economic burden when they get married and the bride’s family needs to compensate the groom’s family. Local media outlets regularly report on marital property disputes that end in murders.

Three sisters Kalu, Kamlesh and Mamta and their children, a 4-year-old and two unborn babies, were found dead in a well in a village on the outskirts of Jaipur, India. Before that, they were victims of a dowry dispute. Only 2 out of 3 sisters married into the same family, living under the same roof. However, all 3 sisters are abused by husband continuously because the bride’s family could not fully pay the dowry to the husband’s side.

Their father Sardar Meena, a farmer with meager income, said life for his daughters was a “hell on earth”, banned by her husband from pursuing education and communication. beaten to get more money.

Dowry custom leads to tragic deaths in India - Photo 1.

Many Indian women experience physical and emotional abuse related to dowry and even death. (Photo: National Commission of Women of India)

Mr. Sardar Meena, father and grandfather of the victims, said: “We have given them everything, the bed, the TV, the refrigerator in their house is from our house. I am the father of six girls, My money is limited. But at least I have raised my children very well and that is not possible for everyone. Anyone who thinks will not push us to the end.”

In 2021, a man in the state of Kerala was sentenced to life in prison after using a poisonous snake to kill his wife to monopolize common property including a new car and 500,000 Rupees (nearly 150 million VND) provided by her family. dowry level. In May 2022, a man was also sentenced to 10 years in prison after pressuring for a dowry, causing his wife to commit suicide.

For most Indian women, divorce is never seen as an option despite abuse to maintain the dignity of the family.

Mr. Sardar Meena said: “My daughters faced violence and they ran away from home many times. But in the end they still went back to their husband’s house because they said it was the right thing to do.” .

India’s National Crime Records Bureau recorded nearly 7,000 dowry-related murders in 2020, or about 19 women a day. In addition, more than 1,700 women also committed suicide that year because of “dowry-related problems”. However, experts say, the actual number of cases is much higher. According to experts, the underlying cause is the widespread social acceptance of domestic violence, which prevents women from standing up against oppression and abuse.

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