Smart people know “stupid” these 3 times, avoiding many office disasters

Fake salary

The end of the month income is the “scale” that evaluates a large part of your ability at work. You work hard, how talented you are, how many contracts you sign, the income you receive at the end of the month will say who you are. However, in an office environment, only you alone know the exact number you receive.

Because income is an extremely sensitive factor in the office, money is inherently something that should be avoided publicly in life. Wise people in the workplace always know to keep quiet about their income because if your salary is higher than others, it is easy to get jealous, and if you receive less than others, you will feel depressed yourself. , do not want to strive.

Keep your income a secret so you can silently compare yourself this month with your self from last month, was it better or worse, did your best… I am the hardest challenge for each of us.

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Pretend about the level

In addition to work attitude, of course, working qualifications are one of the important factors to get you to the positions you want or help you receive awards. Constantly trying, improving yourself is very beneficial for everyone’s future career.

However, no matter how good you are, you need to be humble. The office environment is not dangerous, but that doesn’t mean it can’t avoid unreasonable scrutiny. Choosing to keep secrets about their degrees, what they have achieved, good people will know when to choose the time to prove their strength. Such a person in the office environment is a person worth emulating and learning.

Smart people know how to be stupid at these 3 times, avoiding many office disasters - Photo 2.

Pretending to be a fool in front of the “villain”

In fact, a wise person knows to identify who they should keep a relationship with, and who they should just stop at the social level. In the office environment, you have to meet many types of people, including people you don’t like at all. People’s hearts are unpredictable, it is impossible to know when you will be manipulated by bad people to get what they want.

Of course, the office environment is not so harsh. But the way you treat others is a good “shield” for your work. Pretending to be stupid at the right time, showing talent at the right time, sublimating career, getting respect.

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