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A series of novel tourism products on the occasion of the holiday April 30 – May 1

Demand travel higher

The period holiday prolonged is always a golden opportunity for domestic tourism to recover. For example, after 3 days of Tet holiday, more than 3 million people traveled. It is forecasted that the tourism market on the occasion of April 30 – May 1 will be exciting, even with a sudden increase in the number of visitors, many travel agencies and destinations across the country have now received almost full seats.

Discounts on international and domestic tours up to 30%; Super bargain travel combo… that’s the invitation of many travel agencies for upcoming holiday tours.

Vietravel Tourism Company Hanoi Branch said that the number of tours for the 30/4 holiday has increased 100 times compared to the same period last year and is expected to increase even more. This unit serves about 4,000 domestic and foreign tourists.

The occupancy rate of hotel room funds in beautiful locations such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Quang Ninh… is up to 90%. Fares for domestic flights from April 29 to May 3 will triple during the upcoming “golden holiday” April 30.

Short-term travel, moderate spending but getting new experiences is the general trend of tourists at this time. Tourist centers have simultaneously organized a series of events in the summer, taking advantage of the golden week to connect tourists to return, launching suitable tourism product packages, increasing more choices for visitors. .

A boom in holiday tourism will set the stage for a recovery in tourism during the upcoming summer peak season.

A series of novel tourism products on the occasion of the holiday April 30 - May 1 - Photo 1.

Increased tourism demand Long holidays are always a golden opportunity for domestic tourism to recover. Illustration.

New travel products

Continuous innovation is an inevitable trend towards a professional smokeless industry because a delicious dish is boring forever, no matter how beautiful the scene is, it is boring to watch forever. Therefore, creating new product chains, reducing tour costs, thereby increasing competitiveness is inevitable.

Each destination itself, each experience at the destination must also be constantly improved, creating attractiveness for visitors. Localities and travel agencies have constantly made efforts to renew themselves.

With the campaign “Ho Chi Minh City welcomes you – Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City”, a series of products are exploited such as tours associated with waterways: Bach Dang to Cu Chi, Can Gio; Traveling on Nhieu Loc and Thi Nghe canals and coming soon to experience the city from above by helicopter.

Danang Tourism sends two main messages: “Da Nang welcomes you back” and “Enjoy Danang”. 150 tour operators in this city have reopened. The first international passenger group of Singapore Airlines arrived in Da Nang on March 27.

Coming to Ninh Binh, Hoa Lu Old Town is located in the complex of Ky Lan Park and Hoa Lu Hotel, bringing visitors back to the traditional cultural space of Dai Viet in the 10th century, recreating and restoring. the beauty of ancient architecture and culture.

The Ao Dai Festival – a highlight of the series of events to stimulate tourism in Quang Ninh province in 2022, is expected to take place in 1 month, lasting until mid-May in 3 major tourist centers of the province including Uong Bi, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long, Ha Long. Cam Pha. A series of activities such as exhibitions, performances of Ao Dai, performances of real scenes, etc. will bring a space to enjoy Ao Dai along with unique cultural and artistic experiences for domestic and foreign tourists.

632m is the length of the world’s largest pedestrian glass bridge in Moc Chau, which will start welcoming visitors on April 30. The bridge named Bach Long has a section spanning a cliff of 290m, on a cliff of 342m. The bridge is located on an altitude of 150m above the abyss, creating a thrilling and adventurous feeling. At the foot of the bridge, it leads to Chim Than cave with natural stalactites and stone sculptures reflecting the life of the ancient Thai people.

A series of novel tourism products on the occasion of the holiday April 30 - May 1 - Photo 2.

Diverse tours for the holidays April 30 – May 1. (Illustration)

A safe destination, diverse products, digital technology application and synchronous implementation among ministries, branches and localities are the basic factors for tourism recovery in the new situation.

The holidays with a galloping increase in the number of domestic tourists are the test for Vietnam’s tourism to enter the new normal phase like before the COVI-19 epidemic.

“New direction, new action” to restore tourism is the approach that many localities and tourism industries are aiming for because after the pandemic the tourism market has also changed more or less.

In revival, there are things that will be kept, and things that must be changed. Hopefully this is not just a test but an opportunity to travel to Vietnam more professionally.

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