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Do not rush to follow fashion trends, this is the way to help her stay stylish

No matter how the trends on the catwalk change every year, everyday clothes still have to take the basic colors as the main foundation, so the new color combination is a treasure to help her stylish.

No need to run after trendIf you learn how to mix a variety of colors, you will not only dress well but also score points in everyone’s eyes with sophisticated and stylish fashion.

Black, white and gray combination skill

Black As a timeless classic, when it comes to elegant and casual wear, black and white are two colors that bring minimalism but also formality.

Combine sport shoes white, black backpack and casual accessories for a youthful and dynamic style.

A black polka dot shirt on a white background, combined with black overalls, combined with a brown bag to reduce the high contrast between white and black accentuates the sense of luxury in a simple and traditional outfit. system.

Green and blue combination skill

Green and blue are two colors that bring freshness and freshness typical of summer. When mixing these 2 colors in the same outfit, it brings vitality and elegance to the whole.

Use a summer-style blue cardigan mixed with a dark green skirt with a gentle silhouette to create an elegant, elegant look.

Using green as the main color, mix it with a blue shirt and add a pair of white sandals, this combination bag is extremely fashionable and stylish for women.

Orange + yellow combo skill

The combination of red-orange, dark yellow and creamy yellow is a fashion trend this spring-summer. Simple horizontal striped t-shirts and goose yellow skirts are used in color schemes to create light and bright colors.

The contrast between the shirt and the skirt mixed with the pale yellow of the handbag and shirt with the same brightness creates a sense of overall harmony, bringing harmony to the set.

Dark orange mixed with dark yellow also brings a good visual effect, especially girls with dark skin should choose costumes with clear bold colors.

Blue and purple combination skill

Purple goes well with navy choose navy blue for a cute flared skirt that mixes with a plain hoodie in a different fabric than the dress for a rich sense of hierarchy .

The combination of blue-violet and blue is a close-knit color combination, perfect for those who want a color challenge without looking too contrasting.

Fashion trends change seasonally and continuously, but you don’t always have the conditions to follow them. The most important thing in fashion is that you have to find unique formulas that mix not only colors but also materials and designs to always be a connoisseur in everyone’s eyes.

By: Sohu,163

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