“No one would have thought HAGL would play so well in the AFC Champions League”

Reuniting with Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors after a regretful loss a few days ago, HAGL played confidently and sublimated to get an extremely convincing draw. Van Toan was the hero with the goal to level the gap and 1 point against the Korean champion to help the Nui team overcome Sydney FC to climb to 3rd place on the table in the AFC Champions League.

Witnessing the successful match beyond expectations of HAGL, BLV Tien Dung of Vietnam Television (VTV) was extremely excited. He admitted that he did not expect HAGL to play so well.

The feeling of commenting on this match of HAGL is like commenting on a match of the Vietnamese team. Very happy. Emotions surged after each attack of HAGL.

Two matches ago, I regretted that HAGL did not get a draw, and today, I regret that HAGL did not get a win. If luckier, maybe HAGL even won 3 points. Indeed, no one thought HAGL could play so well against the reigning Korean champion, a top Asian team.”

BLV Tuan Anh of VTV also praised Van Toan and his teammates: “HAGL played really well in this match. Coach Kiatisuk proved that he is completely right when he said that HAGL will get points in this match. Today, HAGL proved that they are capable enough to win this match. do that”.

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HAGL delighted fans with an extremely convincing draw against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors.

Coach Pham Minh Duc explained why HAGL won the score against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors: “HAGL today played more and more confident and improved. This match also showed that HAGL’s tactical skills are very good. HAGL is clearly in high form.

I was really surprised by HAGL’s performance today. Before the match, I also predicted Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors would win with a score of 2-1 but HAGL got a draw. If HAGL keeps playing like this in the V.League, they’ll be at the top very easily.”

Talking about Van Toan’s equalizer, BLV Tuan Anh commented: “Van Toan is very confident today. This important goal will definitely help Van Toan become more confident in the remaining matches.”

Meanwhile, coach Minh Duc analyzed: “The great success in Van Toan’s goal must be mentioned Huu Tuan. As a central defender, Huu Tuan has a very fast assist line, showing very good tactical vision. The feeling of passing the ball is very delicate. In addition, also It can be seen that Van Toan has made good use of the strength of speed. Van Toan is very energetic today.”

Commenting on the remaining two matches of HAGL in the AFC Champions League, BLV Tien Dung predicts: “I think HAGL can win points in the remaining two matches, maybe even towards a victory over the team that has just been pushed to the bottom of the table, Sydney FC.”

HAGL 1-1 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors | AFC Champions League

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