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Future Industry Trends: More Digitization and Smarter

At the 19th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS 2022) in Shenzhen, Mr. Ken Hu said: “Huawei will strengthen its innovation approach, equipping all industries to become more digitized and intelligent, and to build a lower carbon world.”

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Mr. Ken Hu – Rotating Chairman of Huawei

Here are 03 initiatives shared by President Ken Hu at HAS 2022:

Constantly innovate and drive the industry

Connectivity: The company announced its vision to bring 10 Gbps connectivity anywhere with 5.5G and F5.5G, and announced the next evolution in wireless and fixed networks. Combined, these efforts will support a wider range of niche network requirements, including a better connection experience in the home, as well as the low latency and high reliability required for control connections. industry.

Computing: Redefining the system architecture for individual nodes, platform software, and data centers in an effort to dramatically increase system performance and energy efficiency.

About the cloud: Build MetaStudio, a cloud-based end-to-end digital asset pipeline that accelerates digital content production.

About devices: Towards providing consumers with “user-centered” smart experiences in all aspects of life.

Dive into digital transformation to create new value for customers

Huawei is adapting products and product categories to different industry scenarios. At the same time, the company will begin to integrate and pre-test all products, complete all complex stages before delivery, to make digital transformation easier for customers and partners. Also build integrated teams of experts focused on specific industries, bring them close to the client’s business challenges, and then work closely with partner resources horizontally, such as product and partner capabilities. The goal is to provide industry-specific digital transformation solutions and respond more quickly to customer needs.

Optimizing electricity supply and consumption with digital technology to reduce carbon

Develop system-level low-carbon solutions for green IT infrastructure, with a focus on wireless base stations and data centers.

Going forward, Huawei will promote aggressive strategies that will strengthen business resilience and ensure steady growth. “Huawei looks forward to working more closely with customers and partners to build a greener and smarter world,” emphasized Chairman Ken Hu.

In addition to its innovation strategy, Huawei also shares a far-reaching vision for the future and a number of explorations the company is undertaking to achieve that vision. Dr. Zhou Hong – President of Huawei’s Institute for Strategic Studies said: “Everything we imagine today is most likely too conservative – too little – for tomorrow. We must anticipate the future with bolder assumptions and visions, but caution should be exercised when undoing the theoretical and technological bottlenecks. This is the only way forward.”

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