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Not allowed to change his name, the 12-year-old boy sued his father in court-Young man

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 16:10 PM (GMT+7)

Changing his mother’s last name for 7 years, suddenly the boy’s father went to the police station to change his old name. Unfortunately, he sued his biological father to court.

The name symbolizes a person, often when giving birth to a child, parents will try to think of a good name for their child. However, there was a teenager in Chongqing, China who decided to change his name after his parents divorced. Unfortunately, negotiations with his father were unsuccessful. In the end, to change his name, the teenager sued his biological father to court.

According to “Shandong Economic Daily”, in October 2011, after his parents divorced, the boy Huong Mo Sam was adopted by his mother, surnamed Trinh, and his name was also changed to Trinh Mo Van, after his family name. mom.

Unexpectedly, 7 years later, Trinh Mo Van’s father suddenly applied to the local police station, changing Trinh Mo Van’s name to Huong Mo Sam, causing trouble for his son’s study, living, and exam eligibility. big mess. Therefore, the 12-year-old boy and his mother intended to discuss and negotiate with Mr. Huong, but the two sides could not reach an agreement, and finally the two sides took each other to court.

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Recently, the trial of the case took place. In court, the judge said that the boy used the name Trinh Mo Van for 7 years from elementary to middle school, which was well known to his teachers and classmates. This name is also Trinh Mo Van’s stable identity, continuing to use this name is beneficial for the boy’s physical and mental health and development.

The judge also pointed out that the handling of disputes related to the interests of minors after the divorce of parents should be based on the principle of maximizing the interests of the minor. Therefore, in the end, the court ruled that Mr. Huong had to cooperate with his son and let his son change his name to Trinh Mo Van.

After the news about the incident was reported by the media, it sparked discussions, most of whom criticized their father, Huong, for being “rude”, “not raising but voluntarily changing his name”. “when they broke up, they didn’t want to win custody of their children, lost their guardianship, but when they needed to, they changed their mind at will.”

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