Without production and business thinking about selling houses, real estate cannot develop sustainably!

At the conference, the Prime Minister shared 13 core issues to build and develop the investment environment and investment ecosystem towards the goal of: Publicity, transparency, equality, safety, efficiency, sustainability.

1. Sticking to the Party’s guidelines and lines

First of all, in the Platform for building the country in the transitional period to socialism, there are three pillars: building a socialist democracy, a socialist rule of law state, and developing a socialist economy. socialist-oriented market economy; taking people as the center, as the subject, as the goal and as the driving force for development, without sacrificing progress, social justice, cultural, ethical and ecological values ​​to pursue growth. purely economic, bring into full play the talents, intelligence, qualities, ethics and prestige of the Vietnamese people.

2. Building transparent, public and stable institutions, mechanisms and policies, contributing to the development of the investment environment ecosystem

The situation changes very quickly and is unpredictable, so it is necessary to stick to reality, respect reality, come from reality, take reality as a measure to perfect the institution.

3. Implement strategic breakthroughs in infrastructure, human resources and institutions

Leaders, managers, and investors are all responsible for implementing these breakthroughs. In particular, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to develop synchronous and modern transport infrastructure, first of all, highways and seaports in the context that the export volume of the Mekong Delta region is very large, especially agricultural products. seafood… At the same time, promoting reform of administrative procedures, simplifying procedures, digital transformation, building e-government.

The Prime Minister said that to realize these breakthroughs, only the central government or the local government cannot do it, so it requires the efforts and efforts of both the central and local governments, the participation of both the central and local governments. political system, consensus and support of people, businesses, investors…, ie mobilizing synergy in the spirit of “harmonious benefits, shared risks” between the state and government investment and people. He took the example of investing in highways.

“Investors always have to think about infrastructure, institutions, and workers. These things can’t be done only by the central government, only by local governments. But both the central and local governments can do it. But if people, businesses, and investors don’t get involved, they can’t do it,” the Prime Minister said.

4. Appreciate the planning work

Planning work must be one step ahead, with inheritance, stability, innovation and development, with breakthrough thinking and strategic vision. Innovate to create new development space, new growth engine, create jobs and jobs for employees, create new people. It takes a breakthrough thinking to bring breakthrough resources, to be able to “go later”. For sustainable development, it is necessary to have a long-term strategic vision.

The master plan must find and promote distinct potentials, outstanding opportunities and competitive advantages of the locality, overcome conflicts, challenges, shortcomings, limitations and inadequacies. Along with promoting existing achievements and potentials, making the most of their differentiating potential, outstanding opportunities, and competitive advantages, it is necessary to actively create new development opportunities, new attraction from science and technology, innovation.

The Prime Minister said that investors will study these things, reflect on their vision, if they find it right, win, the two sides will meet, then they will come to invest themselves. The Prime Minister recalled that about 20 years ago, he had received representatives of Intel Corporation, they only asked one question, in 48 hours, can their products go around the world. The Prime Minister said at that time, he could not answer this question and Intel’s investment at that time could not be carried out.

5. To well solve strategic issues of a global and people-wide nature

Such as responding to the COVID-19 epidemic, climate change with problems such as saltwater intrusion, sea level rise, subsidence, landslides, changes in flow… in the Mekong Delta. Solving the province’s problems will contribute to solving national and global problems. These issues must be handled, so investors can feel secure to come.

Agreeing with the province’s orientation to attract renewable energy development, the Prime Minister said that Soc Trang has a 72 km long coastline with an average wind speed of more than 6 m/s, and is one of the localities with reasonable wind potential. idea to develop wind power…

“Yesterday, I surveyed the coast of Soc Trang, and found that coastal sedimentation can help wind power poles become more and more stable, while wind energy is getting cheaper and cheaper. But to convert energy, it is necessary to convert copper. Ministry of Law, Technology, Finance, Administration and People On the other hand, it must be said frankly to investors, that Vietnam has experienced a long war, is a developing country, so it must be supported. support Vietnam to respond to climate change and energy transition to ensure fairness and justice,” said the Prime Minister.

6. Choose a priority issue with a large spillover effect and a sustainable one to do first

Make sure step by step, go from small to large, low to high, simple to complex, choose the focus and key issues, have to develop appropriate mechanisms and policies for implementation, while also being stable , both flexibility and harmonization of interests between the state, investors and people. In the process of development, it is necessary to ensure balance and harmony between economy, politics, culture, society, environment, security and defense.

7. Building an independent and self-reliant economy

The Prime Minister said that investors all want to come to a country with an independent and self-reliant economy, not dependent on outsiders. But independence and self-reliance does not mean self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency but must be deeply integrated, substantive, effective, good friends, reliable partners, responsible members of the international community. The spirit of relying on internal resources (people, nature, and historical-cultural traditions) is decisive, strategic, fundamental, and long-term, identifying external resources as important and breakthrough. Along with that, always maintain macroeconomic stability, ensure large balances (budget income – expenditure, import and export, energy, food – food, labor supply and demand).

The Prime Minister also noted that the provinces must promote the spirit of self-reliance, self-reliance, initiative and creativity, coming up from the hands, brains, sky, sea, and land of their own, not expecting, relying on .

8. Coordination and assistance of central ministries and branches

This is both a responsibility, an obligation, and an honor of all levels and branches. The Prime Minister suggested that ministries and branches must pay attention, stick to, “work hard and suffer” to work together with the locality and fight against begging and giving.

9. The companionship of businesses.

The Prime Minister expects investors to work with localities in the spirit of “telling the truth, thinking the truth, doing the truth, with real efficiency, the people get real benefits”, not “polishing the image”, avoiding the situation ” signed wildly, majestically, everywhere” but failed to implement much in practice, causing loss of trust. Along with that, it is necessary to fight negativity, corruption, “play” projects, land, environmental violations …

“The most beautiful place where real estate planning is to be sold is sold out. First of all, it is necessary to attract investment, promote production and business, create jobs, then people will come to work, When people come to work, people will come to live, when people come to live, people will buy houses, so real estate development will be sustainable. cannot develop sustainably,” noted the Prime Minister.

10. The support of the people

The Prime Minister suggested people to well observe the guidelines, policies and laws of the Party and State; On the other hand, the Party Committee, the government and the political system must do a good job of propagating and mobilizing people on the basis of harmonizing benefits, sharing risks, and at the same time ensuring that the new resettlement place must be better. or equal to the old residence, the next year is better than the previous year. When the idea is clear, people will agree, support, and willingly give up the ground for projects.

11. Resource mobilization problem

The Prime Minister proposed diversifying, maximizing and effectively mobilizing social resources, strengthening public-private cooperation, and at the same time mobilizing capital through legal channels such as bank credits, securities and bonds. , ODA… Recently, there have been a number of violations related to these markets, but it should be affirmed that these are only a minority, we must resolutely handle them to make the market healthy and protect investors. genuine investment, without criminalizing civil-economic relations.

12. Communication problems

The Prime Minister noted that some places have not attached importance to communication work. More investment must be made in communication, not to have a communication crisis.

13. The organization of implementation

On the basis of choosing the right and right focus and key, strictly complying with the provisions of the law, and at the same time enhancing meetings and exchanges between relevant parties to remove difficulties, obstacles, review institutions, mechanisms, policies, proposals to functional agencies, competent levels to perfect, supplement and mobilize the strength of people and businesses. trien-ben-vung-20220428155842681.chn

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