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Husband always looks multi-dimensional and ready to change

I rarely say fancy words, but I know I have to thank life for being given such an admirable companion.

Sometimes I feel like marriage is like a two-man three-legged contest. Two people with different heights and physical strength, were tied together and found a way to the finish line. If you do not work together and want to move forward, it is easy to fail. My wife and I have been together for seven years, there were quarrels but few, never mentioned divorce. Here is a bit of my recollection of my marriage over the years, along with my husband’s statements

When I was newly married, I once argued with my biological parents and cried for a long time. Before that, I always thought, right is right, wrong is wrong, always stubborn to say it to the end to defend my point of view. The time I argued with my parents after marriage changed my opinion. I confided to my husband and said: “I realized that right and wrong is not so important anymore, the family atmosphere is the most important thing”. The husband replied: “You finally understand, that’s maturity.”

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Your ex is a college classmate. Once I went to another college friend’s wedding, I wondered, will I ever see my ex again? Thinking so, I blurted out to my husband. He casually replied: “It’s okay, just say hello normally, the old story is long gone”. I felt like I could hear my own heart echoing back, secretly thanking him for being able to confide my most intimate things without fear of being misunderstood. He understands and always stands in my perspective every time we talk.

Once, because of a customer matter that I was upset, uncomfortable, when my husband returned, I still tried to smile and laugh. After a while, he turned around and asked, “Is there something wrong today?” I was surprised and asked my husband if his facial expression was so easy to guess. Her husband laughed and said: “A simple person like you can never be dangerous”.

Another time, after eating dinner, I suddenly had a stomach ache for more than an hour without any relief. At that time, my husband told me to take me to the hospital for examination, it would be very quick if I had a friend working in the emergency department. He really took me away. When I got there, I found out that the friend he said was not very close, I still did the procedure as usual. While I was lying down for the doctor to diagnose, he did the procedure and when he spread the paper to pay the temporary hospital fee of four million dong, my pain was completely relieved. I started scolding him, how can such a large amount of money that you dare to pay. I only had a slight stomach ache, suddenly you dragged me here and it costs money. He laughed and said: “What do you think of me, unexpectedly like many other girls, would you marry someone who doesn’t dare to spend four million dong on you for medical examination?” I froze, unable to say anything.

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I read your text messages to you. This friend complimented that my husband and I really liked it. In the middle of the session, we also called each other to discuss and take real notes. Seeing him texting back: “Wife is not only a wife, but also a friend and colleague”. Just like that, I see how much he appreciates me.

I am a greenist, advocating for people to separate waste at source and reuse it to the maximum. I said last year, or this year, we can’t burn votive paper, bro? This is a spiritual issue, I want to but I don’t dare to force it, and I’m afraid people think I don’t respect my superiors, so I just say it quietly. He said, so this year I burn a little less. After going to the market, he returned empty-handed and said to his mother: “I think, all big changes start with small things. The elders will probably understand because burning votive papers is very polluted, the environment is very dusty and dusty. a lot. I will sweep the yard and clean the house neatly to welcome the New Year.” In the past two years, my house no longer burns votive paper.

We live a simple life, do not take wedding photos, nor post pictures of each other on social networks. Thank you husband for always seeing multiple dimensions and being willing to change.


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