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The US dropped a smart bomb to bury the wreck of a cargo ship in an instant

“Quicksink is the answer to the urgency to neutralize threats to freedom of navigation around the world. We have worked to find the best way to address the biggest challenges facing the world. country” – news agency Sputnik of Russia quoted Colonel Tony Meeks, Director of the Air Force Research Service America (AFRL), said.

The video released by the AFRL on May 3 shows the Quicksink guided bomb being dropped from the F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighter. Its target was an “old cargo ship” but the AFRL provided no further information. In just 30 seconds, the entire ship was covered in a cloud of water, before burying the body on the ocean floor.

The US released a video of a smart bomb burying the wreck of a cargo ship in a “music note.” The Quicksink guided bomb destroyed a cargo ship within 30 seconds. Source: AFRL

This is the second time the US Air Force has tested the Quicksink guided bomb to destroy targets at sea, after the first time in 2021. The first time, with the participation of 3 F-15Es and a B-52H bomber Stratofortress.

Quicksink was converted from GBU-31/B JDAM bomb to attack ships. The new Quicksink guided bomb that the US tested weighs 907 kg.

The conventional JDAM version has an effective range of 25 km, forcing the aircraft carrying ammunition to close to the target before dropping the bomb.

The method of destroying the Quicksink target has many similarities with the American Mark 48 torpedo. It retains the same inertial navigation system assisted by satellite navigation in the tail as the original GBU-31/B, with a new type of probe mounted in the nose. This probe seems to be equipped with radar and multi-functional design application, allowing the projectile to find and lock the target during the approach and especially can work in all weather conditions at sea.

Another point of Quicksink is that it causes much more explosive power than other weapons, such as anti-ship missiles or most submarine-launched torpedoes. Sputnik.

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