2 years old has both three ears and good luck in the year of the Rabbit 2023

Entering the year 2023, a 2-year-old met with a lot of bad luck because he met Thai Tue and was also entangled with Tam Tai.

What is Thai Tue?

Sao Thai Tue Tinh Quan, also known as Thai Tue, is Jupiter in the sky (Jupiter). Jupiter moves once every 12 months, so the ancients used to call it Jupiter or Tai Sui. This is both a star and a god that people sacrifice to.

Thai Tue is not actually a god of murder, but rather a guardian deity that has the strongest influence on a person’s luck and fortune in a year.

Hungry sand, luck, fortune each year of 12 Zodiacs will be controlled by the power of Tai Sui. The 12 zodiac animals will experience fluctuations of varying degrees.

2 years old in the year of the Rat 2023: Just met Thai Tue and got Tam Tai-1

Therefore, if each person’s birth year is “in conflict” with Thai Tue in the current year, folk people call it “Pham Thai Tue”. It is said that those who suffer from “Pham Thai Tue” will have many changes in their life in that year, encounter many difficulties and many problems to be solved.

What is Tam Tai?

According to the concept of our grandparents from the past, drought is simply understood as a disaster for 3 consecutive years for each age and happens once every 12 years.

The three years of the three ears are generally considered three bad years for everyone, the first year being the lightest, the middle year the heaviest and the last year being the year to recover. Tam Tai is not usually calculated by fixed age, not by year of birth, but by animal zodiac.

In the year of the three ear droughts, people with drought will often face many difficulties, misery, and always feel stuck.

The term three ears is an unavoidable term in human life, but the severity depends on each person’s horoscope. Usually, if we know taboos and have solutions to solve them, we can completely limit the worst effects of the term three ears.

Birth in year of Mouse

In the year of the Rat year 2023, the Rat year enters the second year of the Tam Tai term. Rats need to pay attention to all areas of life, from work and fortune to health and love.

This animal should consider going abroad, limit going far, be careful when making big decisions such as getting married or building a house.

The horoscope 2023 says that people born in the year of the Rat should be careful not to get into trouble and lose money unjustly. In addition, this animal is also warned to be hydrophobic, hydrophobic, and avoid restricting to water areas to protect themselves.

In the year of the Rabbit year 2023, the Rat year still committed the Thai Tue. Destiny is warned that you should be careful lest you be harmed by a petty person or get caught in a lawsuit, in case you lose money. In addition, the Rat year should pay attention to the health of themselves and those in the family.

Dragon Age

2 years old in the year of the Rat 2023: Just met Thai Tue and got Tam Tai-2

The horoscope predicts that due to the influence of Tam Tai, this animal will face many difficulties in the coming year. Dragon people need to be careful in everything.

2023 may be the heaviest drought year in this Tam Tai, so whatever the Dragon year does, it needs to be very attentive. Destiny should limit travel, be more careful in traffic, pay attention to health and body.

In addition, the Dragon should consider when participating in work projects, think carefully before investing, avoid losing money.

In the year of the Rabbit year 2023, the Dragon year also committed the crime of Hai Thai Tue. The feng shui horoscope predicts that the Dragon year in the year of the Rabbit is easily harmed by bad guys, even sold out by acquaintances, broken business, wasted money.

This zodiac sign is also easily misunderstood, causing great loss of money or lawsuits… In addition, the Dragon year also needs to be careful about the health of themselves and those around them.

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