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8-year-old boy has a beard, his mother panicked and took him to the doctor to find out that puberty was early

A Chinese mother said that, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, her son in grade 3 (8 years old) has been mostly at home since the beginning of the year. Good nutrition, being taken care of by his parents makes the boy fatter. In the past few days, the mother noticed that the boy’s voice was a bit muffled. At first, I thought you had the flu. However, later, she discovered that her chin had a few wispy beards growing. When taking her son to the doctor, she was told by the doctor that he was going through puberty. This is considered a case of precocious puberty.

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Attention should be paid to children in the early stages of puberty. (Illustration).

Professor Cheng Xinran of Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Hospital (China) said that now many boys aged 9-10 years old begin to change their voices, their throats protrude, their beards are longer, and their penis size is positive. body, testicles grow, scrotum skin folds are darker, armpit hairs and leg hairs are more. Many boys this age have erect penises, even the body has already produced sperm. These are all signs of early puberty in boys. However, many parents who are not attentive may not realize it.

Unlike girls who are close to their parents, or because gender characteristics make girls more interested in psycho-physiology, boys are often shy and hide it by changing and washing clothes themselves, making it difficult for parents to detect children. appear. Professor Trinh Xin Nhien advises parents “to be subtle about their children’s signs, in order to detect early signs of puberty”.

So how to detect early puberty? According to the professor, there are three points to note, which are:

Factors height, weight: Boys usually go through puberty at the age of 12-15 years, but now many 8-9 years old have started to develop. When children reach puberty too early, they are more likely to be short. According to experts, boys with early puberty can be about 12-20 cm shorter than their peers with later puberty, while for girls, this figure is 8-10 cm.

In order to keep abreast of the child’s development, parents should pay attention to the results of periodic health checks at school, including weight and height parameters. Do not be indifferent if the child’s height is not up to the standard, or excessively tall. In the case that the child jumps higher than his peers and “gets” her to the bottom of the line, even rising 6-8 cm in just about 1 year, this is a sign that the child is going through puberty.

Weight factor: This is one of the factors considered in assessing a child’s puberty. Many families feed their children with good nutrition, but the children are gluttonous, causing rapid weight gain, which may also be related to early puberty.

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Boys and girls have different puberty ages. (Illustration).

Consider the development of body parts:

Usually, girls 10 years old start to have breasts, 12-14 years old can have periods. For boys, 10 years old may have a voice change, armpit hair growth, penis size change… However, if the child has these signs before the above age milestones, it means early puberty. Parents should be observant to understand the child’s condition. In case there are obvious signs, the baby should be taken to a pediatric hospital, or a pediatric endocrinology department for professional examination and evaluation, from which direction to support the child.

Psychological factors:

Puberty marks a child’s transition. If children were previously attached to their parents, then after this period, they begin to become more independent, easily separating themselves from the family and withdrawing into their own world. Children are also interested in their own image, are curious about gender, like beauty, take care of their appearance… more. Parents need to be very subtle and ingenious at this stage to deal with children, avoid causing them shame and hesitation. You should give them advice, share with them experiences to take care of themselves, or buy books and magazines for them to read and learn for themselves.

Nutrition experts also recommend that parents should choose healthy foods for their children according to the food pyramid, minimize sugar and oil, eat less junk food… Spring and summer is the period. Important for physical development, height, so you should give your child more movement, exercise, and a healthier body.

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