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Hiring a tutor for the child, the wife checked the camera, stunned by her husband’s actions

Recently, a woman in Taiwan accused her husband of having an affair. What is more infuriating is that the “third person” is the daughter’s tutor hired by the wife. Angry, the wife filed for divorce and asked her husband to compensate her.

Local media reported that the incident happened in Taipei City, Taiwan. Ms. Wang has been married to her husband for 13 years and the couple has a daughter together. In the early years, the marriage was extremely good and happy. However, after that, Ms. Wang and her husband had many big changes in their lives, plus the pressure of money and rice, which caused both of them to often arise conflicts and quarrels.

Ms. Wang and her husband began sleeping separately from each other even though they were still young. Both are depressed and out of love, but because of their daughter’s life and future, they don’t want to break up. In other words, their marriage only existed in name, but because of the daughter, it could only continue.

Hiring a tutor for her children, the wife checked the camera, stunned by her husband's actions - 1


When her daughter reached school age, Ms. Wang decided to hire a female tutor to tutor her daughter at home. Unexpectedly, this abets the husband’s betrayal, creating conditions for him to step into the path of adultery.

Ms. Wang’s husband had an affair with his daughter’s tutor. The two often secretly have sex while Ms. Wang is away. Thought this matter would be kept hidden forever, but Ms. Wang quickly discovered this illicit relationship.

Because she wanted to ensure her daughter’s safety as well as monitor her child’s learning progress, Ms. Wang installed a security camera in her home but did not tell her husband about this. On October 20, 2019, Ms. Wang accidentally opened her phone to check the image in the camera and caught sight of her husband having sex with the tutor. The two took each other down to the basement, constantly stroking, even undressing and touching each other’s sensitive parts. The husband and the tutor did not know that their every move was seen and recorded by Ms. Wang.

Although she did not have much affection for her husband, Ms. Wang still could not accept her husband’s betrayal and ran after another woman. Because both still mean husband and wife to each other, legally married and have children together. In the end, in her anger, Ms. Wang filed for divorce and asked her husband to compensate her 2 million yuan (nearly 7 billion dong).

At the trial of the Taipei City Court, Ms. Wang said she was going to give her husband a chance, but he not only did not repent, on the contrary, he was angry when Ms. Wang pointed it out. bare real face. After that, he also planned to join forces with his mistress to sue Ms. Wang for filming and invading her privacy.

However, the court confirmed that Ms. Wang installed the camera to monitor her daughter. The images recorded by the camera have become irrefutable evidence for the husband’s adultery. Finally, the court ruled that the husband had violated the marriage and family law, seriously affecting Ms. Wang’s life and love, and was responsible for paying Ms. Wang 300,000 yuan (more than 1 billion dong). .

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