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The mistake of being tired because of post-Covid-19 sleep disorders is “cramming” with tonics

Recently, the Institute of Mental Health (Bach Mai Hospital) received NTQ patients (female, 46 years old, residing in Thanh Hoa) sleep disorders serious after being infected with Covid-19.

Doctor Bui Nguyen Hong Bao Ngoc (Institute of Mental Health) said that, according to the patient and his family, 2 months before being hospitalized, the patient contracted Covid-19. The patient received all 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, only had symptoms of cough, sore throat, normal activities, and after 10 days, he recovered from Covid-19.

However, after contracting Covid-19 for 1.5 months, the patient suffered from sleep disorders, insomnia. Patient has difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, sleeps only 3 hours a day. The next day the patient was tired, the patient still went to work but was often late for work.

The mistake of being tired because of post-Covid-19 sleep disorders is

Sleep disorders causes fatigue, stress and many other mental health problems. Freepik . illustration

The patient’s symptoms of insomnia are gradually increasing, the patient sleeps restlessly at night, has to wake up in the middle of the night 3-4 times, then every 20-30 minutes the patient can fall back to sleep, there are nights when the patient sleeps again. white awake.

During the day, the patient feels not awake to work, there are days when the patient can’t work, the patient feels very uncomfortable, worried about his insomnia. Occasionally, patients have palpitations, tremors, sweating, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, poor appetite.

The patient took no measures to improve his sleep. After losing sleep and being tired for 2 weeks, the patient went to a provincial hospital but did not get better, so he went to a mental health clinic.

According to Dr. Ngoc, patients are examined, tested and learned about mental health. The conclusion is that the patient has sleep disorders post-Covid-19.

The patient was treated and after only 3 days, there was less anxiety, stress, good appetite, 8-9 hours of sleep each night, the patient slept continuously from 9 pm to 6 am, his brain conscious.

According to Dr. Ngoc, this is a case of sleep disorder post-Covid-19 frequently encountered by the Institute in recent times. More and more people are coming to mental health care with the first complaints being sleep disturbances, sleeping too much or insomnia, trouble sleeping, waking up tired, lethargic all day, working, studying poorly. fruit….

Sleep disorders post-Covid-19 there are many forms

Doctor Doan Thi Hue (Institute of Mental Health) shared, after contracting Covid-19, many people had symptoms of sleep disorders such as insomnia, intermittent sleep disruption, change in sleep cycle. – awakening, irreversible sleep, and reduced sleep quality arising from stress-related fears about the virus itself or the psychosocial impact on daily life.

The mistake of being tired because of post-Covid-19 sleep disorders is

Number of people going to the doctor because of sleep disorders post-Covid-19 increase. Shutterstock illustration

Dr. Nguyen Van Dung also said that recently, patients have come to the clinic for mental health problems post-Covid-19 increase. If in the past, doctors only examined 30-50 patients/day, now sometimes up to 100 patients/day. In which, the majority of patients complained of sleep disturbances after being infected with Covid-19.

According to Dr. Hue, a number of studies in the UK and the US have shown that: Insomnia is one of the 14 common consequences of Covid-19 on mental and neurological problems.

The rate of insomnia is high during the recovery period after Covid-19 infection. Sleep disorders have caused many people’s quality of life and effectiveness to decline, even weak health…

After a period of insomnia, the patient was also accompanied by many emotional, psychological, anxiety, and stress disorders. The treatment for patients is not mainly about taking drugs, but also psychological counseling, reassurance, improving physical condition with nutrition and exercise.

“It can be seen that Covid-19 not only weakens one organ in the body but also makes comprehensive changes to health, affecting many organs and parts.

Therefore, we need to strengthen propaganda for people about improving their physical condition, practicing sports, sleeping hygiene, and going to the doctor if they have serious symptoms about the body.

People absolutely do not arbitrarily use drugs, avoiding the risk of using the wrong medicine, at the wrong dose, increasing the risk of drug addiction, drug poisoning and skipping the golden period of disease treatment, making the disease worse,” said Dr. recommendation.

A serious mistake when sleeping disorders are stuffed with tonics

Dr. Dung said, a mistake that many people make when self-treating sleep disorders is buying supplements to drink to improve their health.

The mistake of being tired because of post-Covid-19 sleep disorders is

Exercise is one of the effective methods to improve sleep. Photo: Shutterstock

“When people have a sleep disorder, people will be tired, their health will decline, and they will be lethargic. People think that their health is weak, so they should buy tonics and health-promoting supplements to drink to hopefully get better. However, the nutritional supplements will make the patient more alert and excited, which makes the patient who has lost sleep even more insomnia.

Therefore, when having a sleep disorder (not just a sleep disorder post-Covid-19), the first thing is for people to take care of themselves, rehydrate enough, eat a balanced diet, exercise to improve health, and sleep hygiene.

If the sleep disorder is not overcome, it is necessary to see a mental health specialist for proper examination and treatment. Sleep disturbances are just one of the first signs of many mental health ailments. Therefore, people should not delay going to the doctor,” said Dr. Dung.

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