Cen Land spoke out about false information on the issuance of a bond lot of VND 450 billion

Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Cen Land – HoSE: CRE) has officially responded to the issuance of a VND450 billion bond issue related to Lilaha Investment JSC.

Accordingly, some media recently mentioned the issuance of a 450 billion dong bond package by Cen Land. Regarding this, Cen Land said that about the issuance procedures, the company has issued bonds in accordance with the process, in which it has disclosed information to the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) in accordance with the regulations. regulations on the time limit and content of publication.

At the time of issuance, Cen Land used various assets to secure the bond obligation, including shares issued by Lilaha. Cen Land emphasized that the collateral is Lilaha shares, not the Lilaha project or the land plot at the Lilaha project as some media reports. These shares have been issued and are in circulation, fully eligible for trading in accordance with the law, including secured transactions.

At the same time, after the issuance of bonds, Cen Land said that it had restructured the security assets in the direction of withdrawing Lilaha shares and replacing them with other security assets. With the agreement of the bondholders in the Resolution of the Bondholders’ Meeting dated September 8, 2021, the procedure for changing the security assets is carried out by the issuing agent in coordination with Cen Land in accordance with the provisions of this Law. prescribed by law and completed on September 8, 2021.

Currently, Lilaha shares have been withdrawn and are no longer the collateral of this bond lot.

Cen Land affirmed that some media reports that the company used collateral, which is a disputed real estate project and has not yet been licensed to deploy, to put it into part as a security asset for issuance. The VND450 billion bond package is completely incorrect, seriously affecting the company’s reputation as well as the legitimate interests of investors. In addition, the enterprise has not received any transfer of shares issued by Lilaha.

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