People who have never succeeded in life never realize these 5 inherent habits

Only know how to work hard

Stanford University economics professor John Pencavel rejects the idea that being successful requires working longer hours. Because according to his observations, he realized that a person works more than 50 hours/week, labor productivity drops sharply. Even a person who works 70 hours/week can only achieve the same work efficiency as a person who works well for 55 hours. So he advises that the key to success is knowing how to work smart.

“surfing” social media too much

According to a survey conducted by human resource training company OfficeTeam, USA, 1 employee spends an average of 56 minutes/day on mobile phones, of which 30% of respondents use that time to work on personal email and have a mobile phone. up to 28% spend their time “surfing” social media. Using social media for entertainment and relaxation is good, but spending too much time on it makes your work worse, your work productivity decreases, even your boss may give you a bad assessment, leads to difficulty in earning or promoting.

Taking advantage of privileges

An employee who abuses power to spend time on personal matters while other colleagues are still working is tantamount to self-destructive personal reputation. Many people also take advantage of privileges, causing losses to the company’s finances, moreover, they also lose trust in their superiors and do not want to assign work to people who do not complete the work.

People who have never succeeded in life never realize these 5 inherent habits - Photo 1.

Elevate ego

No one denies the effect of confidence because it is the key to help you overcome many difficulties. However, overconfidence is counterproductive, making you proud, do not like to listen, do not know how to be humble. Especially in an office environment, this personality can make you isolated.

Using inappropriate language

Environmental culture is very important, so in this serious environment, you should be careful what you say. No matter how comfortable your business is, talking can’t be as comfortable as when you’re around your loved ones. Moreover, your words can determine your position in the business.

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