The female employee suddenly became a “million dollar girl” when the land lot was raised by her mother-in-law to 20 billion dong

“Everybody in the same agency and friends who know about it make fun of me as a “million-dollar girl.” Now every month, doing nothing, I have collected nearly 20 million dong for rent a house on a plot of land adjacent to 3 children. This land lot is currently being paid by someone 100 million VND/m2, “said Ms. N.

Ms. N. is currently an accountant for a company in Hanoi with a salary of 16 million VND/month. The total income of families, including her husband, fluctuates at 30-35 million VND/month.

The female employee suddenly became a million-dollar girl when the land lot was raised by her mother-in-law to 20 billion dong - Photo 1.

The couple got married in 2014. After getting married, her mother-in-law gave the couple a land of 200m2. “In that day, my mother said that because I didn’t have money, my husband was the only son. Every piece of land I had accumulated should be given to my husband. If the couple living in Hanoi struggled too much, they would return to their hometown to build a house and then go to work. In the industrial zone, my mother also said that apart from the land, I would not be able to support more because my parents do not have a pension, do agriculture,” said Ms. N.

Determining the land that her parents-in-law would give her, she and her husband N. never thought of selling it, but considered the case when they reached retirement age to return to their hometown to build a house and live near relatives. Ms. N. shared, she only saw the land plot once when she returned to her hometown to complete the transfer paperwork.

In 2018, Mrs. N. and her husband saved up to buy an apartment of more than 1 billion VND, with a bank loan of up to 700 million VND. Ms. N. said, during the period of marriage and childbirth, family life is quite difficult, due to low income and high cost of living. Each month, paying principal and interest of nearly 10 million dong makes the life of Ms. N.’s family more difficult.

“We sent our children to public schools. Both husband and wife brought rice to work to save money. I remember that day, every night when we came home to eat together, the couple kept discussing, trading, and selling anything to earn money. stable accumulation. Then when will we be able to pay off the house debt, when will we have billions of dollars in our hands,” shared Ms. N.

However, in 2021, Ms. N. and her husband were surprised when the plot of land that her parents-in-law gave her suddenly someone called to ask for a price of 100 million VND/m2. That is, the 200m2 plot of land belonging to Mrs. N.’s family is paid up to 20 billion VND. The reason for the sudden increase in the price of the land plot was that the land plot was located next to Thai Ha industrial park. In 2021, Thai Ha Industrial Park will continue to expand. Roads connecting to Thai Ha industrial park are continuously deployed. The plot of land that N.’s family was given by her mother-in-law suddenly became a land with 3 fronts. In mid-2021, she and her husband discussed a loan of 200-300 million to build a level 4 house and lease it back to build a shop. Thanks to the prime location, the couple earned nearly 20 million VND for rent.

“Thanks to the land given to us by our mother-in-law, our family’s economy has improved. My husband and I feel secure because we have billions of dollars to save,” said Ms. N.

N.’s story is not uncommon. Many families suddenly own billions of dollars in assets thanks to the road going through the province’s plot of land. Especially when the land fever in the province has exploded since 2018 until now, the national land price level has been pulled up rapidly.

However, according to experts, the excessive price increase of rural land has made the lives of a part of people improve and change, but in fact, many young families struggle to own a home. toi-20-ty-dong-20220420095300094.chn

According to Trieu Vuong

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