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The group that caused the murder was sentenced to death

Tien GiangNguyen Thanh Trieu, 24 years old, and 21 people were tried for bringing guns and homemade knives to a karaoke bar to settle a dispute that resulted in the death of one person.

On May 12, Trieu was sentenced to life in prison by the People’s Court of Tien Giang province Killing, 5 years in prison Deliberately inflicting injury; The total penalty is life in prison. Defendant has two previous convictions for the crime Disturbing public order; Illegal possession of military weapons.

Related to the case, the remaining 21 people received 2-7 years in prison for the crime Deliberately inflicting injury; Disturbing public order.

Defendants at trial.  Photo: Nam An

Defendants at trial. Image: Nam An

According to the indictment, a member of the Trieu group had a conflict with the group Nguyen Thanh Hai, 33 years old, so the two sides arranged to go to a karaoke bar in Dao Thanh commune, My Tho city, to resolve.

Late at night on March 17, 2021, Trieu and 7 people brought guns and knives to a karaoke bar to wait. Later, nearly a dozen people from Hai’s group also came with guns and weapons. During the scuffle, Trieu pulled out a gun and shot Hai dead and injured another. The chaos caused a riot at the karaoke bar.

After committing the crime, Trieu threw the gun into the canal on the way to escape. The investigative agency has not found this evidence, so the act should be separated Illegal possession of military weapons post processing.

In court, the defendants admitted their behavior, expressed remorse, and asked the jury to reduce the punishment.

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