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Another violent robbery at a gold shop in Bac Giang

May 14, 2022 06:43 GMT+7

The clip recording images at a gold shop in Bac Giang that was staged and robbed in broad daylight is attracting the attention of netizens.

The clip recorded by the security camera of the incident that happened at noon on May 13 in Tran Phu ward, Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province is attracting the attention of netizens.

According to the clip, at 10:37 a.m., at the gold shop on Ly Thai To street, there were 3 customers coming to see and ask to buy gold. At the counter, a man in a black shirt, cap and mask is asking the owner to buy a gold ring. The store owner took it for him to try it on, and the man even took out his phone to take pictures.

After that, this person took advantage of the unexpected store owner to quickly run out. He got on a white motorbike parked outside the shop, started the engine, and escaped. It took 3 seconds after the young man ran away, before the woman who owned the store ran to the door and hurriedly shouted to run after the robber.

Another violent robbery at a gold shop in Bac Giang
Image cut from clip

According to the person who shared the clip on social networks, the robber escaped with a grade 5 gold ring worth just over 27 million VND. The owner of the gold shop has reported to the police and the functional units are currently handling the case.

The clip attracted tens of thousands of shares and comments from the online community.

Haven’t had time to update Hai Phong news yesterday. Young people pretend to buy goods and then rob the gold shop on Friday the 13th. Sooner or later in the evening, tomorrow the policemen will bring the gold back to the owner right away”;

“These days, robbers are too aggressive. Taking advantage of loopholes, gold shops must show customers before buying, they probe the terrain of the gold shops before they dare to enter. In my opinion, it is best to make the glass doors open one way in. inside, in and out is self-closing. It will be difficult to get out quickly because the door is still open”;

“Those who don’t work and want to eat like this will sooner or later have to pay the price. I hope he will receive the appropriate punishment soon.”

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Clip: MXH

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