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Bringing folk music in harmony with the breath of the sea

Finding the roots with folk music

As part of a series of inspirational cultural events about Thanh Hoa tourism called “Four Seasons of Perfume”, after the first two programs were vibrant with young music, EDM and pop music, the third art night of the series Sun Fest Sam Son 2022, with the theme of folk music, promises to bring audiences many emotions.

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Combining a variety of folk art forms, the third Sun Fest Sam Son night titled “Thanh Sac” is like the audience’s journey back to their ethnic roots, through the folk songs of the North and the people. Thanh Hoa singing, Xam singing, Cheo singing, Van singing… are full of love for the homeland and the country. The music night also has a special meaning, which is to honor the long-standing culture of Thanh as well as Vietnam, in the midst of a vibrant tourist space full of new vitality in the coastal city of Sam Son.

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Cheoist Hong Van will participate in the SunFest music night “Thanh Thanh” in Sam Son on May 14

Contributing to the SunFest night on May 14 will be top folk music artists such as artist Hong Van, Meritorious Artist Minh Hue, Meritorious Artist Xuan Hai, Artist Ba Hai, Artist Nhat Vuong, Artist Thu Huong, Meritorious Artist Bui Thang , Meritorious Artist Minh Chi, Hanoi Xam group, Blue Crystal ethnic musical instrument group. In particular, the audience participating in the program will have the opportunity to exchange and learn about the history, features, and classics associated with each folk music discipline – “national soul, national essence” of Vietnam. with music researcher Quang Long.

Taking the audience through the traditional cultural colors in turn, the music night will open with the Southern Folk Concert and the fun Thanh Hoa folk song “Go transplant” from the beautiful girls of the Crystal group. green. Immortal Xam songs such as “The Inhuman Mug”, “Wild Pineapple Without Thorns”, “Happy and Sorrowful Because of Her Husband”, the famous cheo excerpt “Quan Am Thi Kinh”, the song “Couples of the Thousand”, “Co”. nine”, “Little Dong Cuong”, folk songs from three regions… not only satisfy the elderly audience, but also bring traditional art closer to the young audience, in a close and friendly stage. right next to Sam Son beach.

Attractive artistic rendezvous in the coastal city

Sun Fest is a series of art programs organized by Sun Group, with the desire to turn tourist destinations, where SunFest takes place, into art destinations that bring new vitality and create unique values ​​for each person. destination, increasing impressive new experiences, attracting tourists to return again and again. At the same time, through music nights with folk art themes, SunFest will also contribute to preserving and bringing the beauty of traditional culture to the audience and creating a unique attraction for tourism. localities.

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The weekly SunFest music nights bring unprecedented excitement to Sam Son this summer

Starting in Sam Son, with 14 art nights taking place during 4 summer months, every Saturday, SunFest is becoming a familiar, quality and attractive free art rendezvous with audiences of all ages at Sam Son. seaside city.

Each SunFest night carries a different theme. And right after the folk music night, the audience in Sam Son will enjoy the SunFest night with international music themes, followed by a night of modern dance, bolero music, rock, world music, rap – hip hop, music night. for bands, hiphop-battle, magic night-variety…

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Every week, SunFest will always innovate to bring the audience rich musical colors

Carefully staged, with beautiful sound and light effects, SunFest Sam Son shows are all held at Sam Son beach square – Sun Grand Boulevard. In the future, the beach square created by Sun Group will also continue to be the focus of regional festivals and entertainment, a new symbol of Thanh’s tourism, with a series of exciting and monumental events.

Along with SunFest, in the first days of June, a series of impressive festivals and events will also be held by Sun Group in Sam Son such as: Large displacement motorcycle parade, Carnival street festival… Visitors to Sam Son, Thanh Hoa will have a really different summer of 2022, with countless unique and exciting cultural and entertainment experiences like never before.

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