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Childless, but respected by her husband and subjects

Born in 1849 in Kyoto, Japan, Empress Shōken (common name: Ichijō Masako) was the youngest child in a noble family with three daughters. From an early age, Shōken showed his natural talent.

She can read and write traditional Japanese letters; good at calligraphy; play the Koto (a traditional stringed instrument in the land of the rising sun) and master many other arts such as flower arrangement or the tea ceremony.

The predestined relationship is arranged

On January 30, 1867, Emperor Kōmei suddenly fell seriously ill and died. After his death, his 14-year-old eldest son inherited the throne as Emperor Meiji. Immediately after the king ascended the throne, the courtiers discussed the marriage of the new emperor.

Although 3 years older than the king, Ms. Shōken is considered to be the perfect choice for King Meiji. In her, she has all the qualities and talents of a mother of the world.

The most wonderful empress in Japan: Childless, but adored by her husband and subjects - Photo 1.

Empress Shōken is an exceptionally talented person.

The couple became engaged on September 2, 1867, and the traditional wedding was held two years later when the king was old enough to be married. During the reign of Emperor Meiji, Japan modernized with many progressive reforms. Shōken was the first Empress of Japan to perform royal duties in public.

Starting in 1886, the Empress and other ladies in the court wore Western-style clothes when appearing in public instead of traditional clothes as before. Since then, Empress Shōken has made many marks in royal history because of her great talent and qualities.

The most amazing Japanese empress

Queen Shōken and the king welcomed many famous international guests such as former US President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife; Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Great Britain or King Kalākaua of Hawaii.

Empress Shōken has also accompanied the Emperor on official visits to cities, schools and factories across the country. According to historical records, the Empress became more and more popular and popular when she supported charities, creating conditions for women to develop stronger. Shōken is the one who inspires Japanese women to actively cultivate their knowledge to create their own values.

The most wonderful empress in Japan: Childless, but adored by her husband and people - Photo 2.

The Empress brought many reforms and advancements to Japanese society.

Besides, she also participated in the founding of the Japanese Red Cross Society. In addition, the Empress established “The Empress Shōken Fund”, to improve the quality of life and help people in difficulty after natural disasters and diseases recover. Currently, this fund still exists and helps thousands of different cases with many long-term development programs such as disaster prevention, health improvement…

She was admitted to the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1887. In addition, she supported a college that trained women’s teachers and helped found a number of schools for girls. It was thanks to her tenacity, steadfast courage, and outstanding talent that Empress Shōken carried out a series of progressive reforms, brought a new wind to Japanese society, people’s lives became prosperous and comfortable. happier.

The most wonderful empress in Japan: Childless, but adored by her husband and people - Photo 3.

The painting depicts Empress Shōken teaching schoolgirls.

Glory forever

There is a sad thing in the life of the Empress of Japan that she cannot bear children. Emperor Meiji had 15 children with 5 concubines. However, most of them were short-lived and only 5 were lucky enough to survive to adulthood.

According to Japanese imperial regulations, Mrs. Shōken adopted Yoshihito, the king’s eldest son with a concubine, as her son. This son was later established as the Crown Prince of Japan, inheriting the throne in the future.

The king died on July 30, 1912 at the age of 59 at the Imperial Palace, in Tokyo. After her husband’s death, she was adopted by her son, the new Emperor Taishō, as Empress Dowager. Less than two years later, the Empress Dowager died at the age of 64 at the imperial mansion in Shizuoka, Japan.

The most wonderful empress in Japan: Childless, but adored by her husband and people - Photo 4.

The final resting place of Empress Shōken and his wife.

Her body was brought back to be buried with her late husband in Fushimi, Kyoto. Today the relics of that wonderful Empress are kept at the Meiji Mura Museum, in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture. Today, Gakushuin Girls’ High School and Ochanomizu Girls’ University still remember the honorable Empress’s merits, devoted to the cause of women’s education.

Besides, Empress Shōken’s charitable activities are still continued to this day. She is the most special and wonderful model of the Japanese royal family.

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