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British intelligence: Russia failed to achieve breakthrough on the battlefield

Military intelligence Brother April 25 assessed that Russia has only made small progress since shifting to focus on the region Donbass in the East Ukraine.

British intelligence: Russia did not achieve a breakthrough on the battlefield - photo 1

A member of the pro-Russian forces in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on April 20


According to a British military intelligence report released on April 25, Russia has made only small progress since shifting its focus to the region. Donbass in the East Ukraine in phase 2 of the campaign military.

British Ministry of Defense also pointed out that because of the lack of combat and logistical support facilities, Russia has yet to make significant breakthroughs on the battlefield.

British military intelligence decided to encircle instead of attack the steel factory Azovstal in Mariupol, where Ukrainian forces are still entrenched, which President Vladimir Putin given means that many Russian units are still stationed in the city and cannot be deployed elsewhere. In addition, Ukrainian forces in Mariupol have exhausted many Russian units and reduced their combat effectiveness.

Russia has yet to comment on the British Ministry of Defense’s assessment.

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On the same day, April 25, Governor Roman Starovot of Kursk Province (Russia) announced on Telegram that the country’s forces overnight shot down two drones of the Russian Federation. Ukraine near the border.

“At 4:15 a.m. this morning, Russian air defenses shot down two Ukrainian drones” in the Rylsky district, which borders Ukraine.

“There are no casualties, injuries or damage. The situation is completely under control,” Mr. Starovoit said.

Ukraine has not confirmed this information.

Earlier, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said on April 25 that a large fuel depot had caught fire in the town of Bryansk, about 200 km north of Rylsk. RT reported that explosions and fires also occurred in many districts of Bryansk province, including one at an ammunition depot of the Russian Defense Ministry.

There is no evidence that the two incidents are related.

Russia has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out attacks on Russian territory. Moscow warned that in response, the Russian military would intensify its attacks on the capital Kyiv of Ukraine.

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In early April, Russia accused Ukrainian helicopters of attacking an oil depot in the city of Belgorod, about 40 kilometers from the border. Ukraine has denied the allegation.

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