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Vietnamese question: “Which continent is the most difficult for men in?”

Vietnamese is a language rich in images, tones and has a variety of uses. But it is also because of this feature that Vietnamese is extremely difficult to learn for foreigners. Even Vietnamese, no matter how well-versed they are, sometimes have to give up on tricky questions.

Especially in the quizzes, there are so many different ways of setting the question and the direction of the answer, so it is not easy to solve all of them. Just changing the data of the problem is a difficult question. For example, with the brain hack question below:

Which continent is the hardest for men?

Question Vietnamese: Which continent is the most difficult for men in?  - Answer must be very smart - Photo 1.

Source: Lightning Fast

When it comes to “hard work”, everyone thinks of people who have to work hard and spend a lot of effort. However, there are people everywhere, it is impossible to explain where there are many people who have the most difficulty.

But it only takes a little thinking to get the answer right away. The world currently has 6 continents, including: Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, Antarctica. And in these continents, there is Antarctica which has a similar meaning to the question “Which continent is the hardest for men?”. Because the words “male” and “man” both mean the same, indicating gender, “extreme” is similar to “hard”.

So the correct answer to this question is: the South Pole

Through this question, I can also see that the puzzles are inherently difficult, but when I use inference from Vietnamese, I puzzle a lot more. Indeed the saying “Three storms are not equal to Vietnamese grammar” is not wrong at all!

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