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Difficulties when older people use technology

The rapid development of technology, complex requirements make many people find it difficult to access and use daily.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’s 2020 Facts and Figures report, least developed countries have 19% of the population using the Internet. In particular, the elderly are often less convenient when using digital devices.

The reason is, elderly people often forget, the way to use some technology products is quite complicated, it takes many steps to operate. Some parents fear the cost of spending or the high price of the product compared to the average income.

Some people shared that they find it difficult to connect with young people in the modern era. The modern pace of life makes it easy for young people to lose patience or not have the time to give parents step-by-step instructions on how to use technology.

According to a representative of the home appliance company Beko, for the elderly, not only should focus on physical health, but also pay special attention to mental health. Because, according to research from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), feelings of social isolation can increase the risk of premature death in the elderly. According to a study, loneliness in the elderly can even increase the risk of dementia – Alzheimer’s.

Easy-to-use technology products are a priority for older people.  Photo: Beko

Easy-to-use technology products are a priority for older people. Image: Beko

Understanding the reasons why it is difficult for the elderly to access technology, the company representative advises that we need to patiently guide, know how to encourage and listen to their learning needs. In addition to spending time sharing with parents, the most important factor is choosing products that are easy to use and right for them from the start.

Understanding the problems the elderly are facing, Beko constantly develops modern household electrical technology with the ability to meet most of the needs of all family members, serving a comfortable life.

Beko’s products have technology and automation functions to help users keep up with the trend of the 4.0 era. The interface and Vietnamese user manual help the elderly to easily grasp the operation method.

Along with European standard technology, Beko’s products aim for durable quality and reasonable price, minimizing the hassle of having to repair many times. Saving electricity is the top criterion in all of its products, reducing the burden of monthly bills.

Beko products have automation technology and functions.  Photo: Beko

Beko products have automation technology and functions. Image: Beko

The unit integrates convenience-enhancing technologies like Harvest Fresh. Thanks to smart micro-light that simulates the natural cycle of the sun, vegetables and fruits can continue to photosynthesize and keep their nutrients fresh for longer, reducing time spent shopping. Or washing machines equipped with OptiSense sensor capable of measuring four factors: temperature, spin speed, soap bubbles and power. After that, the washing machine will automatically make the optimal adjustments without having to set too much.

Besides, air conditioners with ZoneFollow function also bring many special benefits. The remote control of the current external thermometer and automatically sends an adjustment signal, which optimizes the surrounding temperature and maximizes energy savings.

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