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Just divorced, husband stabbed his wife to death, leaving 5 small children

In a drunken stupor, Phuc found his wife, who had just divorced, loudly argued and stabbed him to death with a knife. Behind this tragedy is the fate of five children.

Police of Can Giuoc district, Long An province are consolidating documents to hand over suspect Nguyen Tan Phuc (36 years old, residing locally) to the Long An Provincial Police Investigation Agency to clarify and prosecute for the crime of “Murder. People”.

The victim of Phuc’s murder was Ms. NTHN (35 years old).

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N.’s 5 children are living with their elderly grandparents and are supported by a number of donors and local authorities to overcome this pain and difficult period. Photo: TL

It is known that Ms. N. previously had a husband and two children of her own. After breaking up with her first husband, Ms. N. went one step further with Phuc and had 3 more children together.

Due to frequent conflicts and arguments in daily life, the two recently filed for divorce. The People’s Court of Can Giuoc district has issued a decision approving the divorce of the two.

Recently, at 10 pm on May 14, when he was drunk, Phuc went to his ex-wife’s house, ie N. in hamlet 1 (Phuoc Vinh Tay commune, Can Giuoc district) to grumble. Ms. N. asked Phuc to go home. When she woke up, she came to talk.

Phuc continuously cursed and attacked with a knife, stabbing Ms. N. to collapse on the spot. When he committed the crime, Phuc was surrounded by people around him, stripped of his weapon and handed it over to the police.

As for N., because of her serious injuries, she died on the way to the emergency room.

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