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Chemistry exam ‘advertising’ for Lang Van wine, angry parents

The exam paper of the semester at a secondary school in Dong Nai with the content of “advertising” for Lang Van wine is causing a reaction from parents.

The leader of the Education and Training Department of Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province said that he had asked the Board of Directors of Long Binh Tan Secondary School (Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City) to report the incident.

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Alcohol “advertising” test makes parents angry – Photo: AB

Previously, question number 2 in the 9th grade Chemistry test (semester 2 of the school year 2021 – 2022) on May 11 at Long Binh Tan Secondary School had the following content:

“Van village in Yen Vien village, Van Ha commune, Bac Giang district is a place with a long tradition of wine making. Over time, the name Van village has become the brand name of a famous wine throughout the country: Van village wine Unlike other types of wine, Van village wine is smooth and strong in taste. After drinking, it has a special taste in the throat and no headache.

The number 350 on the label of the wine bottle.

a. Please explain the meaning of the above number?

b. Calculate the volume of pure ethyl alcohol present in 500ml of 350 alcohol?”

After discovering the content of this question in the test, many parents expressed their frustration and disagreed with the school’s way of asking test questions because it was not appropriate for the students’ age.

According to parents, instead of educating children to be aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, the school “advertises” alcohol as if it is encouraging them to use it.

The Department of Education and Training of Bien Hoa City then asked the school to review and hold a professional meeting to analyze and evaluate the problem-solving process with the spirit of strict handling if the issue of exam questions is not appropriate.

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