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Coach Maloney said that U23 Vietnam is very strong, but Malaysia is not afraid

Coach Brad Maloney said that his colleague Park Hang Seo’s team is very strong and the confrontation with U23 Vietnam in the semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games is not easy.

Speaking to the media as soon as Malaysia U23 arrived in Viet Tri (Phu Tho) to prepare for the race to the final, coach Brad Maloney said:We spent 3 hours traveling. Fortunately, BTC’s preparation was quite good when the police car led the way, so everything was quite convenient.

I am very happy that U23 Malaysia reached the semi-finals. We will meet the host U23 Vietnam and ready for a confrontation that is not easy on the evening of May 19.”

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Coach Brad Maloney highly appreciates U23 Vietnam

Commenting on the home team U23 Vietnam, Mr. Brad Maloney briefly expressed:I love watching your team play, it’s a very strong team with experienced players.

We will have to pay close attention to these things when approaching the semi-finals and we respect U23 Vietnam in the next semi-final to come up with the most reasonable tactical options.”

Not only respecting the home team, Mr. Brad Maloney also dedicated it to the Korean strategist on the U23 Vietnam side when affirming: “Grandfather Park Hang Seo Having achieved many great achievements and changing the way of playing to make your team better, having impressive victories, I am very much looking forward to this challenging confrontation.”

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and affirmed that the semi-final match is not easy, but U23 Malaysia is ready to fight

Sharing about the situation of the home team, coach Brad Maloney said: “At the moment, every Malaysian U23 player is very healthy and ready for the match. We have had a few minor aches and pains but that’s normal in football.

We’ve had a lot of tough matches in the group stage and the team is in a very positive mood as we reach the semi-finals.”the captain of the Malaysian side U23 closed.

This is the first time Mr. Brad Maloney has led Malaysia U23 in the role of head coach. However, the strategy is not unfamiliar to this arena when there are 3 seasons sea ​​Games in the role of assistant.

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